Weather in Chappaqua, NY

weather in chappaqua ny 51936

Chappaqua’s weather is very variable. The coldest month is January, with an average daily low temperature of 23degF and a high temperature of 36degF. Chappaqua also experiences significant seasonal fluctuations in temperature. The shortest days are in December, while the longest days are in June.

In Chappaqua, the wetter part of the year lasts 4.5 months, with July experiencing the most rain. There are an average of 10.8 days with a minimum of 0.04 inches of precipitation in July. The driest part of the year is August 19 through April 2. January is the driest month with an average of 7.3 days of rainfall.

The warmest time of year is from mid-June to mid-September, with the lowest temperatures in January and July. The temperature is around 73°F between these two seasons. The average July temperature is 82 degrees F. If you want to spend more time at your pool, you should visit in the warmer months of June or July.

Weather in Chappaqua, NY
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