Weather in Horseheads, New York

Horseheads, NY’s climate is very different throughout the year. The average snowfall and rainfall falls over a 31-day period, and the length of the day varies significantly. In fact, the shortest day in Horseheads occurs on December 21 and the longest day falls on June 27.

Despite the mild year-round temperatures, there is still some humidity that makes it uncomfortable. The humidity level can vary greatly depending on what type of clothing you wear and what activity you plan to do in Horseheads. If you plan to hike or bike, it is a good idea to bring a lightweight jacket or sweater.

The wettest month in Horseheads is May, while the driest month is February. This area gets an average of 144.2 inches per year of precipitation, which is more than New York’s average. In addition, Horseheads has more snowfall than most locations, with 42.1 inches falling each year.

The cold season lasts 3.3 months in Horseheads, with an average daily high temperature below 42degF. January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 17degF and an average high of 33degF. The warmest months are August and July, with temperatures that average seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit for the entire month.

The growing season for Horseheads lasts 5.0 months. It seldom starts earlier than April 24 and ends later than October 26. In addition, the growing season is rarely longer than eight months, lasting from May 11 to October 10. This year’s growing season lasts for a total of 5.5 months, with the shortest period occurring from April 24 to September 23.

The forecast for Wednesday in Horseheads, New York includes rain. The chance of rain increases by fifty percent between 11am and 2pm. However, showers are not expected to occur after 2pm, with temperatures remaining in the lower 70s. A light south wind will keep the weather pleasant. And on Thursday and Friday, the forecast for Horseheads is for mostly cloudy skies with a 50 percent chance of rain.

New York State’s climate tends to be humid continental. Upstate regions experience long, warm winters and mild summers. While southern and upstate regions experience cold winters, downstate regions experience a milder summer than upstate areas. New York State’s average temperature is 45 degrees F.

Weather in Horseheads, New York
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