Weather in New Johnsonville, Tennessee

New Johnsonville has a wet season. This means that rain is possible on any given day. The wetter season runs for 4.6 months, from March 18 through August 6. On average, 11.7 days are covered by at least 0.04 inches liquid. During the drier season, there are 7.4 days per month when the rainy season is not expected to occur.

Summers in New Johnsonville are hot and muggy, with temperatures ranging from 31degF to 91degF. January is the coldest month. The high and low temperatures are accompanied by thin dotted lines, which show the 25th to 75th percentiles.

The average hourly wind speed in New Johnsonville varies throughout the year, but it is typically not more than 5.1 miles per hour. February is the windiest month of the year, and July is the calmest. The local weather station can provide current information on the wind speed in New Johnsonville.

New Johnsonville’s growing season lasts on average 7.2 months. July is the brightest month with 6.6 kWh of sunlight exposure. December is the darkest month with below three hours of sunlight exposure. New Johnsonville’s average day length is different each year. The December 21 is the shortest day of year, with just nine hours 43 minutes of daylight. June 21 has fourteen hours 37 minutes of sunlight.

The day will be cloudy, with patches of fog in the morning. The afternoon will be cloudy with the possibility of showers. High temperatures will reach the lower 80s, with a southwest breeze of five miles an hour. There is a 70% chance of rain throughout today.

Temperature and precipitation information on this page is calculated from the historical data of over 18,000 weather stations in the U.S. and around 15 million worldwide. New Johnsonville’s earliest sunrise is at 5:34 am on June 13, and its latest sunset is at 8 PM on June 29, You should also know that New Johnsonville will observe daylight saving time in 2022. The time change takes place on March 13, and ends on November 6, 2022.

Weather in New Johnsonville, Tennessee
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