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Wee Man is an American stunt performer, television personality, skateboarder, and actor. He is one of the stars of Jackass and the host of Fox Sports Net’s 54321 skateboarding show. How rich is Wee Man?

Actor. Born on May 16, 1973 in Pisa, Italy. Wee Man fortune is estimated at around 7 million euros. He is of Mexican and German descent. He was the subscription manager for Big Brother skateboard magazine. His association with this magazine led him to become involved with the Jackass television series in 2000. Acuña’s Jackass antics include skating as an oompa-loompa, kicking yourself in the head, dressing up as a king while rolling Johnny Knoxville down a flight of stairs on a red carpet, and doing deep-knee bends while holding basketball star Shaquille O’Neal on his back.

Bourgeois name: Jason Shannon Acuña
Wee Man size: 1.31 m
Nationality: American
His career began: 1996

What is Wee Man’s net worth?
Wee Man’s net worth is currently € 7 million.

Wee Man Movies and TV Shows: Jackass: The Movie, Jackass: Number Two, Steve-O: Gnarly.
Does he play alongside: Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Ryan Dunn, Dave England.

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Wee Man fortune

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