Week 13 Fantasy Care/dont Care Javonte Williams Makes Statement

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Javonte Williams makes a statement in Week 13

As he continues to grow, Javonte has made a big statement this year. Although he is still a young player his athleticism, versatility and speed make him an excellent fit for any scheme. His frame is compact and the lower half of his body is thick so he can fit in any scheme. He has decent quickness and acceleration, but is not a burner. He has good burst through the hole. Though he isn’t shifty like Michael Carter, Williams has a nice one-cut ability, which will make him a solid fantasy play.

The rushing game was a disappointment last week, but Javonte Williams showed why he should be owned. In his first NFL game without Melvin Gordon, the North Carolina running back made a statement. Williams ran for 178 yards and scored a touchdown, despite fantasy Twitter calling for his release. He was also a good pass protector and backfield player. He is a very dangerous receiver, able to take smart angles and break tackles.

Javonte Williams made quite a statement in his first game with Melvin Gordon. While Fantasy Twitter has been calling for him to be released, the quarterback hasn’t been able to make the right decision for the offense. Gordon has played a few games without the quarterbacks so they have been reluctant to use him. He performed well in the first test.

While the Denver Broncos’ offensive line has been pedestrian, Williams has had a breakout game. His 178-yard game was impressive, and despite the lack of Melvin Gordon, the Broncos still managed to give Williams the ball 29 times. Meanwhile, no other back handled five carries. Without Melvin Gordon, the Denver offense was not as effective.

The second reason to love Williams is his ability to break tackles. Williams is a great contact balance player and has a strong, stiff right arm. He can run through defense. He is not a rookie, and has a lot to offer as a running back. He can break tackles at a high rate and has a huge impact on the game.

The first game without Melvin Gordon is a big test for Williams. He has yet to make an impact in a game that was played without Gordon. Fantasy Football is happy with Williams’ performance this week. He has actually broken tackles for his first time since being released from the Patriots. While he has plenty of potential, he has already proven that he is the best at breaking tackles.

Williams’ breakout game came against the Cleveland Browns. Against the Chargers, he ripped off big plays in the pass and run game. The Denver Broncos offense is a poor team with very little talent and depth. Williams was the only one to deliver a big game last Thursday. Whether he was the main playmaker or not, he made his first-ever statement.

The Broncos were a poor team this week so it was only right that Williams’ breakout performance occurred in the absence Gordon. The running back scored a touchdown, and was able 178 yards on 29 touches. Mike Boone, the second-best back for the team, played only five snaps. However, he did not have any rushing touchdowns.

Williams’ breakout game is a highlight of the Denver Broncos’ dismal team. The RB was the lead back in this game while Melvin Gordon was out with a knee injury. Although the offense was not great, he was a shining light in a otherwise disappointing season. It’s also a win in his season, as the Texans would have been a terrible team without him.

Week 13 Fantasy Care/dont Care Javonte Williams Makes Statement

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