What Celebrities Are Under Conservatorship?

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Here’s a list with the status of famous estates and names that are currently under conservatorship. The list includes Joni Mitchell, Britney Spears, and Randy Meisner. And don’t forget about Casey Kasem! This list of famous faces under conservatorship is far from complete. Check out the latest developments in the lives of these musicians! They have all been in the news for different reasons, from being under conservatorship to being on run from the police.

Randy Meisner

The Los Angeles County Superior Court appointed a conservator for legendary bassist Randy Meisner after allegations of threats against his life and well-being surfaced last January. Judge David Cunningham stated that the musician was unable manage his own prescriptions. Bobbi Kristina Brown, his wife, died suddenly. Meisner’s wife, Tammy, and family members maintain that the former Eagles bassist is not in danger.

Meisner was in desperate need of financial help and filed a voluntary petition to the court for conservatorship. He also wanted his children to feel part of their dad’s life. A lawyer for the Eagles band said that Chuck Meisner hoped the voluntary petition would convince the kids that they were in good hands. However, Meisner has increasingly become concerned that Newton and his estranged children may try to contact him.

The case has become more complicated than first appears. Meisner was placed under conservatorship due to his financial difficulties and inability to meet his basic needs. He has cognitive impairment and mood swings, making him vulnerable to overpowering will. According to Lana Newton’s conservatorship petition Randy Meisner has become the subject of public scrutiny.

Meisner was the only one present during the hearing in the conservatorship case’s most recent round. He claimed that he was in great pain after the death of his wife. He wore a black suit and tied his long gray hair up in a ponytail. Arthur Ford was appointed as temporary conservator for Randy Meisner. Ford will manage Meisner’s day-to-day affairs until the final conservator is appointed.

Joni Mitchell

While she is unconscious and unable to respond to questions, Joni Mitchell is under conservatorship, thanks to a long-time friend. Leslie Morris, who has been a friend of Mitchell’s for several decades, filed the conservatorship paperwork. Mitchell is not her immediate family and she is not asking for control of the estate or the conservatorship. The Conservatorship will allow the conservator to make decisions for Mitchell, which will include the care and future of the artist.

The conservatorship petition, filed by a longtime friend of Mitchell, states that the singer remains unconscious and unable to care for her personal needs. Mitchell’s official Twitter account posted a statement Wednesday saying that Mitchell was improving and receiving medical treatment. However, her mother has not approved this statement. Mitchell had collapsed at home and was rushed to the hospital. During the ambulance ride to the hospital, she was able to regain consciousness.

The Los Angeles Superior Court judge recently appointed Leslie Morris as conservator of Joni Mitchell. While Mitchell has been under conservatorship since March, the hearing will determine whether the conservator is permanent. Leslie Morris will take care of Mitchell’s medical decisions until she is fully recovered. Joni Mitchell’s attorney has argued that the conservatorship is permanent. Mitchell could be allowed to return home if she is able to make informed medical decisions and recovers.

After hearings, the judge ruled Joni Mitchell was not in a coma. Mitchell is still in hospital, but she is awake and able to understand what she hears. Her caregivers are providing excellent care for her around the clock. Joni Mitchell is currently under conservatorship due to an aneurysm. It is not clear what caused it. It is unclear how her condition will improve.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears, who had been under conservatorship for 13 year, was ordered by a Los Angeles judge to be placed in the care and supervision of a CPA. She is a teen singer and is a highly visible figure in pop culture. James Spears, her father, is accused of sexual abuse of his daughter and is a frequent target for the #FreeBritney movement. Britney Spears turned to the conservatorship court in order to protect her.

Conservatories are typically reserved for those with severe cognitive impairment, older adults, dementia, and the elderly. Britney is not a typical case. She has released nine studio albums over the past 13 years, was judged on The X Factor and has earned an estimated $148million from performing in Las Vegas. While Britney has been under conservatorship for several years, the New York Times documentary has helped spread the word about her case. Fans and critics alike are standing by Britney, and the hashtag #FreeBritneySpears trended on social media.

The court granted Britney Spears a conservatorship in 2008, but Jamie Spears filed a petition to end the conservatorship on September 7. This filing is the first sign that Britney Spears is letting go of control over her life. Jamie Spears claims that the conservatorship was abusive. He claims that his daughter’s debts have increased to $60 million. Jamie Spears and The Bessemer Trust filed a petition for the conservatorship to be lifted on September 7, the same night as the testimony.

Britney Spears spoke out about her feelings about her father during the hearing and asked for the court’s permission to remove him from the conservatorship. The judge said that James Spears cannot control Britney’s finances, but she didn’t rule out future petitions against him. The unanimous decision was reached. It is still unclear whether Britney Spears will be able to marry or have children. This case is a major cause of concern for her fans, and the outcome is unknown.

Casey Kasem

It may surprise you to learn that DJ Casey Kasem, 82, is currently under conservatorship. This celebrity has been a fixture on the American Top 40 Countdown for almost three decades and has been the voice of many beloved cartoon characters. Jean Kasem, Casey’s spouse, has been accused in secret of removing the ailing DJ, from her home. Jean Kasem’s daughter claims that Jean flew out of the country with her husband 30 years ago to avoid conservatorship.

The temporary conservatorship on Casey Kasem expires on June 20, at which point a hearing is scheduled to determine whether the conservatorship is permanent or temporary. Samuel Ingham, their lawyer, cried during the ruling. However, the sisters were unable to attend the hearing. Julie Kasem (Casey Kasem’s mom) also cried during the hearing. The family was upset at Murphy’s ruling.

In the meantime, the family is fighting to keep the celebrity out of jail. The family has filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court to prevent Kasem from abusing his children. The wife and the daughter-in-law are seeking conservatorship for their father. However, the family isn’t coming to an arrangement. Jean Kasem’s attorney, Craig Marcus, argued that Casey is receiving proper medical care.

Jean Kasem’s husband, Jean Kasem, is in the hospital receiving medical treatment. However, Jean Kasem has denied Jean Kasem’s children the chance to see him. Jean’s initial offer to the children to visit their father under severe security was turned down by the children. The court instructed both sides to put aside any personal animosity and try to reach an agreement. The judge’s decision to deny the conservatorship petition means that Jean has custody of the children.

Brian Wilson

You might be surprised to know that Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys legend, is currently under conservatorship. His case was filed in 1990. The reason for Brian’s conservatorship is complicated and centered around the controversial appointment of his personal psychologist. Wilson’s wife, Wendy Landy, had hired Dr. Eugene Landy in 1975 to help him cope with his drug abuse. Landy misdiagnosed Wilson and forced him to take control of his life.

In the early 1990s, the Beach Boys founder’s father sold the rights to his music label, Sea of Tunes, to A&M Records for $700,000. Landy then over-medicated Wilson to keep him under control. Stan Love was granted a conservatorship for Brian. The conservatorship ended after Love revealed Landy’s abusive treatment. In 2011, the heirs of Brian Wilson filed a lawsuit against Landy, his former live-in psychologist and one-time legal guardian.

Eugene Landy was the psychologist who helped Brian to recover. He was criticised for having too much control over his patients. After being accused of mistreating a former Beach Boys member, Landy lost his California license to practice psychology for two years. A documentary film about the saga will examine Landy’s treatment of the former Beach Boys co-founder. Landy admits to having misdiagnosed Wilson, and pushes him into a routine that only worsens his medical condition. As a result, Brian’s health declined, and Landy became abusive to him.

After the initial conservatorship, Amanda Kasem took a step back from the spotlight, but spoke out again in 2020. She expressed dissatisfaction with the terms of the conservatorship and asked for a meeting with the judge to discuss reducing the amount she spends on treatment. Although she has been kept under conservatorship since May 2014, the musician is now under her mother’s care. This conservatorship is not without precedent and will continue to shape the future of music.

What Celebrities Are Under Conservatorship?
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