What Did President Harding Do to Help American Businesses Brainly?

President Harding’s policies were designed to stimulate the American economy during the first world war. One of these policies supported domestic businesses, while another isolated America from foreign affairs. Harding’s actions are still argued over today. His policies have had many positive outcomes. Here are four key points to remember about the presidency of the United States. This article will give you an overview about Harding’s policies.

First, he reformated the nation’s regulatory structure. While he was not a proponent of a laissez-faire economy, he encouraged business cooperation by prosecuting gangsters for tax evasion. Harding viewed himself as a progressive. He reorganized the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and expanded the National Park System. He also strengthened labor protections.

Second, he signed China’s first treaty, the Thompson-Urrutia Treaty. This agreement paid $25 million to Colombia in compensation for its loss of Panama. This was one of the most important acts that President Harding signed during his tenure in office. This treaty has a long-term impact on American business. He also signed the United Nations’ first trade treaty, which was the first international treaty that the United States had signed.

Fall was President Harding’s cabinet Member. He leased Elk Hills, a Wyoming naval oil reserve, to Pan-American Petroleum and Transport Company. This was a valuable oil lease. Fall was bribed for the land as part of this deal. This deal helped to open the door for the Teapot Dome scandal. If you have ever wondered what Harding did to help American businesses, the following information may prove helpful.

First, Harding promised a return to normal politics and a restored government. He also said that a government is not worthy of its name if it intimidates or influences its citizens. He promised to make America more prosperous with his policies and a return to the values that American citizens once held dear. Although it was a bold move, it would take time. But the hard work will pay off.

What Did President Harding Do to Help American Businesses Brainly?
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