What Does a Delivery Associate Helper Do?

The duties of a delivery associate helper include helping the driver deliver merchandise to customer’s homes. These items can include home appliances, furniture, lawn and garden equipment, fitness equipment, and more. Two-person teams are responsible for making deliveries on time. They use material handling equipment and team lifting equipment. Their job requires attention to detail. In addition, the delivery team performs basic hookup for qualified appliances. The average salary of a delivery associate helper is $16.00 per hour.

A driving license is required for this position, but a non-driver may still apply. Those without a license would first train under an experienced driver. The training would include information about the company’s delivery routes, suppliers, and customers. Delivery assistants may also attend short courses in health and safety, manual handling, and lifting to improve their job skills. An understanding of local driving rules and driving laws is essential for this job.

Amazon is looking for Delivery Drivers and Helpers to operate their DOT-regulated vehicles. This job involves the delivery of large and heavy items to customers. Drivers work five days a week and may be required to drive up to ten hours per day. The work schedule is flexible and depends on the availability of transportation. As an Amazon Delivery Associate, you’ll be an employee of the Amazon Company, and will receive competitive compensation and benefits.

What Does a Delivery Associate Helper Do?
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