What Does Bouvois Mean to You?

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A little history will go a long way in defining what bouvois means to you. Caesaromagus was the first to name it. This term is derived from the Common Celtic word “field”. The name Bellovacum is a post-Renaissance Latin rendering, derived from the Belgic tribe Bellovaci, the capital of which was Beauvais. The town was made a countship in the ninth century. In 1013, the countship passed to the bishops of Beauvais, who were then peers of France. Their role was to present the kings of France. At the time, the Count of Blois, a local town, was also the Bishop of Beauvais.

This city in France was founded in the early fifth century by the Romans and is still home to a Gallo-Roman rampart. It was a center for tapestry and textile manufacturing in the Middle Ages. The cathedral was once the highest in the world. Today, it is an important city in the region of Oise, and is home to an official tapestry factory and lively downtown. Beauvais is a great escape from Paris’ hustle and bustle if you are looking for a peaceful getaway during the week.

What Does Bouvois Mean to You?
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