What Does Gooby Mean?

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A Gooby is more than a silly name. Although the word is pronounced Yboog, Bogyo, it has a deeper meaning. The word implies an adventurous spirit and is often used as an innuendo for ejaculation or orgasm. Gooby people are naturally adventurous, highly focused, and highly achievement-oriented. They are also energetic and very fun-loving.

The name Gooby contains the letters B and O. The B in GOOBY means you’re cautious with new acquaintances and socializing, but your great ability to manage others is an asset. This name also suggests an active engagement in the world and a willingness to consider others’ opinions. Your artistic talent may be interfered with by your generous nature and your stubbornness. These traits can cause you to be attached to a particular way of living, but can also lead to your overall happiness.

The name Gooby is related to a Canadian deity. This deity is said to have sent Gooby to Willy as a teddy bear to help Willy become braver. It’s possible that Gooby is the deity that sent him to help him gain the courage to face the world. Willy hides his teddy bear from everyone, but he knows his parents wouldn’t like that if he showed them his new friend.

Willy is nervous about moving into a new home and prays to his luck charm Gooby. The Gooby then grows to six feet and flies across the floorboards of the new home. In addition, Gooby’s size makes it harder for him to explain his behavior to the skeptics in his life. He asks for Gooby to protect him from the scary things in the house, but is surprised by his reaction.

Willy struggles to make friends but his appearance earns him two weeks detention after school. Gooby convinces Willy that he is the one who will take him back to his home. This is a mistake and lands him in a jail cell. Gooby convinces Willy to go with him to his father’s childhood home. Willy saves him and gives Gooby to another little girl whose parents are neglecting her.

What Does Gooby Mean?
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