What is a Boxer Mixed With Shih Tzu Mix?

Many people have heard of a cross between a boxer and Shih Tzu. But what exactly is a Boxer/Shih Tzu combination? This is a hybrid breed of two different breeds, and the result is a very fun looking dog. In fact, some people are even breeding these two dogs to create an obnoxious hybrid.

The Boxollie is a hybrid of the Shih Tzu and the Boxer. This hybrid dog can be medium to large in size and can have a long or a short coat, just like a Boxer. The Shihoxer, or Boxollie, is an extremely rare cross of the two dogs. Boxollies are also known to bark a lot, and are usually noisy.

Boxers are muscular and stocky, weighing in at 65 to 80 pounds (22 to 30 kg). Their skulls are almost half the length of their snouts. This shape helps them catch prey and hold onto it until their owner returns. They breathe through their nose, making them great companions for busy households. If you live in the city, however, be sure to provide a regular walk for your boxer.

If you are looking for a playful, small dog that is both Boxer and Shih Tzu, a Boxer/Shih Tzu hybrid might be a good option. The Blue Tzu is less active than their Aussie parents, but they can be quite rambunctious. While this dog requires moderate exercise, it needs to be groomed regularly. Although these dogs are friendly and affectionate, they can be quite a handful.

The Boxer/Shih Tzu combination is not the right dog for everyone. The Boxer can be playful and fight with larger dogs. The Boxer Doberman mix weighs around 50 to 70 pounds and can reach a height of 21 to 25 inches. Although its coat sheds moderately it is recommended to brush it daily.

The Sco-Shi is a small, intelligent dog that can adjust well to a family with multiple members. This dog is easy to train and can easily integrate with a dynamic household. The Sco-Shi is a little standoffish with new people but will warm up to new friends. This dog is a great choice for people who are looking for a companion that can live in an apartment with them.

Another interesting hybrid is the Boxer-Shih Tzu combination. This dog breed is a cross of the Shih Tzu, Affenpinscher. These breeds can be retrained for intelligence, docility, and playfulness. This dog is an excellent choice for those who want a playful, intelligent dog.

Boxer-Shih Tzu dogs can be playful but are cautious around strangers. They make excellent watchdogs. While boxers are playful, their parents’ side delivers sharp sense of smell and a keen sense of smell. A Boxador is also known as a Boxador. A Boxador can also be called a Boxador in certain areas. The Boxador is a great family dog and guard dog.

What is a Boxer Mixed With Shih Tzu Mix?
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