What is Archie Manning’s Net Worth?

What is Archie Manning’s net worth? The famous quarterback has been in the news for a while now. The NFL made millions from the former San Francisco 49ers star. He now does commentary and charity work after he has retired from football. He also owns a condo building in Oxford, Mississippi. Born on May 19, 1949 in Drew, Mississippi, he is married to Olivia Williams Manning. Peyton and Eli Manning are the children of the couple. They are both quarterbacks for New York Giants as well as Denver Broncos.

Archie played briefly for the Houston Oilers and the New Orleans Saints during his NFL career. He was also a football player for the Ole Miss Rebels, and was inducted into College Football Hall of Fame 1989. He still lives in New Orleans today and has a large net worth. But, it’s impossible to know how rich he really is if you don’t know his full name or age.

Born in Drew, Mississippi, Archie Manning is the son of Elisha Archibald III and Jane Elizabeth Nelson. Archie was heavily involved in sports as a child and was drafted four times into the Major League Baseball. While he had an interest in baseball, his mother was always by his side and was at every game. In his high school years, Archie played football, basketball, baseball, and track. In the early days, his father was busy with work, but his mother always came to watch him play sports.

Archie Manning, who retired from the NFL in 1999, has a solid net worth. He has earned it by doing multiple jobs, including being a sports analyst and being a commercial spokesman in Louisiana. He also owns a summer camp as well as a restaurant. If you want to know more, click the link below. So, what is Archie Manning’s net worth? Consider the following:

Archie has two sons, Cooper and Eli. Cooper Manning, the oldest, was diagnosed with spinal stenosis at an early age. Because of his condition, Cooper had to stop playing football after he graduated high school. Both Peyton, as well as Eli, are multimillionaires with their own television shows. Cooper and Eli are also part of Fox’s NFL Kickoff broadcast team. They are also still active in the world of sports.

Archie Manning’s networth includes ventures other than his football career. He has been a part of numerous television commercials and marketing campaigns for United Parcel Service and has his own foundation, the Manning Family Fund. If you are curious about Archie Manning’s networth, here is a look at his earnings through the years. So, what is Archie Manning’s net worth?

Archie Manning’s net worth is hard to pin down because his football career took him to the NFL and beyond. He was even a star in the National Football Conference. In addition to football, Archie was drafted in the Major League Baseball draft four times, and played for the Royals, the White Sox, and the Braves. During his last season, he was selected as an All-American by the Sports Illustrated magazine and UPI. In addition, his NFL career lasted ten years. As of 2015, Archie is working as a pundit for CBS Sports College Football Broadcasts.

What is Archie Manning’s Net Worth?
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