What Is DJ Carnage’s Net Worth?

If you’re an electronic dance music fan, you’ve probably wondered how rich Carnage is. He’s not only a DJ, but also a record producer and humanitarian. He also has a YouTube channel where he shares his music. But what is his net worth? This article will help you find out. We’ve been doing a ton of research to bring you the facts. In the meantime, enjoy some of his music.

Carnage is an electronic dance music DJ

DJ Carnage is an energetic DJ who can get your crowd going. Diamante Blackmon was born in Frederick, Maryland. As a high school student, he began creating beats. He has performed at Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, and even closed out District’s Trillectro festival. His music is a mix of Southern hip-hop and house music, and can often be described to be thud-inducing.

Anthony Diamante Blackmon is Carnage. Blackmon came to the U.S. as a child, and his parents settled in a low-income neighborhood. He persevered despite being rejected by his peers and became the electronic dance music star we know today. His music videos, like the one above, document his family’s journey from Guatemala to the United States, and include commentary on the difficulties faced by immigrants.

Although still relatively unknown, Carnage has built a solid reputation in EDM, working with artists like Timmy Trumpet and KSHMR. His debut studio album, Papi Gordo became the number-one dance album in the U.S. and his hit song “I Like Tuh,” featuring ILoveMakonnen reached the top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100. The album was awarded RIAA-Gold certification. Carnage is currently working on his second album, titled “The Underground.” In addition to “KTM”, Carnage is collaborating with artists such as Migos, Mac Miller, Lil Pump, and Steve Aoki.

The EDM DJ Carnage has announced that he plans to make a move into techno. Carnage, who is best known for his trap music, big room sounds and upbeat party vibes is making a move into techno. The move is controversial as some techno fans warned him to stay away. Fans should also remember that Carnage’s newfound passion to explore new genres is a sign of his ability as a DJ.

He’s a record producer

Whether it is as a DJ or as a record producer, Carnage is a rising star in the electronic music industry. He was born in Guatemala City and has had a number hits. His net worth as an artist and record producer is around $10 million. He has collaborated with some high-profile musicians, including Nicki Minaj, Skrillex, and A$AP Rocky. As of 2016, he is a highly successful record producer, earning around $1 million a year.

Carnage initially marketed himself as an EDM musician, but soon began releasing his own EDM records. He also worked with several popular artists, including Lil Pump, G-Eazy, and Borgore. His debut album, “Incredible,” reached number 184 on Billboard’s 200 chart. Later, he released his second album, “Battered Bruised and Bloody,” which featured 13 songs. The album was a smash for Carnage, and one of its songs peaked at number 49 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip/Hot chart.

Carnage has produced many hits in addition to songs for artists such as G-Eazy, Calvin Harris, and others. Although his music has helped him gain popularity, he has also experienced some major setbacks. His first hit single, “Teke Teke,” earned him international recognition. He has also collaborated on songs with Israeli DJ Borgore. He has been involved in many disputes with musicians and celebrities since then.

Although his net worth has been estimated to be in the millions, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where his earnings have come from. Several factors contribute to a celebrity’s net worth. He was born in Hawaii and is now based in Los Angeles. He studied game design at Full Sail University. Besides music, Carnage has also produced a number of albums and is currently making money as a dj.

He’s a humanitarian

According to estimates, DJ Carnage will be worth $10 million by 2022. This artist’s career has spawned other artists such as Calvin Harris, Jay-Z and Lil Boosie. He also worked with Diamante Anthony Blackmon, who was born in Guatemala on the 3rd of January 1991. His music video tells of the journey of illegal immigrants.

American DJ and record producer Carnage is a US citizen. He was born in Guatemala and grew up in Los Angeles, California. His 2015 debut studio album, Papi Gordo debuted at #1 on both the Dance/Electronics and Heatseekers charts. He collaborated with Migos in 2016 and ILoveMakonnen in 2016. The artist has raised more than $10 million for various humanitarian causes.

He has a YouTube channel

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What Is DJ Carnage’s Net Worth?
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