What Is P2’s Net Worth?


P2 is a popular YouTuber and social media personality. He is best known for posting gaming content, vlogs, and prank videos. In addition, P2 has a clothing line called Wally Co. Its popularity is growing with every passing day.

Early life 

He was born in the United States on April 23, 1998. The names of his mother and father are not mentioned anywhere. His most memorable name is Phill. Since he was never mentioned as having siblings, he appears to be a single child. In a similar vein, neither his religion nor ethnicity is mentioned.


There is no information about his high school or university education. In addition, based on his age, he might go to college or graduate from high school.


P2 is a young American, who began his career as a YouTuber in 2011. Currently, P2 has a huge fan base across various social networking platforms. His videos include Let’s Plays and trending challenge videos. These videos have garnered him an international following.

In addition, P2 has also launched an entertainment company, Iced Entertainment, which will help other content creators. He is expected to add more content creators to the company as it expands. 

Ultimately, it is expected that Iced Entertainment will become a popular collective content creation platform. He publishes gaming-related content like Pranks!, On his YouTube channel, he posts videos about Fortnite is life, NBA 2k17 gameplay, Miss Thotiana, the Nate Robinson series, Rookie 55 Overall paint protector, and other topics.

Other than that he posts amusement, monster interactivity, popular music, tips and stunt, gaming news, and so forth. Furthermore, on February 4, 2020, he launched a second YouTube channel under the name P2Plays. The channel post comparable substance, for example, the principal YouTube channel.

Net worth 

As a result, P2 has earned a massive net worth. However, it is unclear exactly what his earnings are. The total estimated net worth of P2 is $2 million. Of this amount, most of his income comes from YouTube advertising. 

Advertisers pay between $2 and $5 for a thousand views. However, the amount may be higher if users engage with the ads. Moreover, the revenue of ad campaigns varies by the type of advertisement, location, and device. 

This means that the estimated earnings of P2 will always be adjusted based on the current audience. Nevertheless, the net worth of P2 is likely to grow as he continues to make videos and gain more subscribers on his various social networking sites. 

Whether he will become a billionaire in the future remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the estimated earnings of P2 will be highly dependent on the growth of his YouTube channel and the advertisements he receives.

Social media 

P2 spends a lot of time on social media. He has over 680,000 Instagram followers and over 50.6 thousand Twitter followers.

Scandals and Debates

P2isttheName’s misleading thumbnails and clickbait have earned him some notoriety. It is still frowned upon to use ambiguous titles and descriptions to attract more viewers on YouTube, even though it has become common practice, particularly in the gaming community.

The majority of P2istheName’s watchers fall in the age group of eight to fourteen. He knows this, and he makes his content in a way that will keep them entertained. However, by sharing videos like “Playing Fortnite with a Crip Member… Wildest 

Duos Game on Earth!,” He has come under fire for allegedly encouraging gang membership and gang culture. as well as “Playing Fortnite with a Blood Member… The Strangest Duos Team on Earth!” Because of this, a lot of people have been wondering how these videos must be affecting his impressionable audience.


Furthermore, he has never married or had children. According to reports, he is single and appears to have a well-maintained physique.

Awards  and success 

P2’s career has been extremely successful, as he has amassed millions of followers. Despite this, P2 has yet to receive any awards. 

There is no data in regards to P2i the Name getting any of the honors or getting assignments for the honors yet.

Aside from that, his YouTube channel and Instagram accounts continue to expand rapidly, and he has thousands of followers on other social media platforms. As a result, he might win prizes in the future.


In conclusion, P2 has made a name for himself as a Youtuber and social media personality. His creativity and unique style have enabled him to reach millions of fans around the world. 

He has amassed over 3 million subscribers on his main channel and 3.9 million on his sub-channel, P2Plays. Additionally, P2 is famous for his prank videos, NBA 2K PvP content, and other entertainment videos.

What Is P2’s Net Worth?
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