What is Rib Luxation?

Rib luxation is a common condition that occurs when one or more ribs in the spine become misaligned. It can occur during coughing, sneezing, sleeping in an awkward position, or direct trauma. The symptoms of rib luxation are typically a sharp pain at the thoracic attachment of a rib or while inhaling air. A chiropractor can help to alleviate your symptoms by performing a procedure called spinal adjustment.

In an attempt to treat rib luxation, the surgeon will remove the slipped rib. The rib will be raised and rotated with the assistance of a cranial glide. Afterward, the patient will be evaluated for pain and ROM. The patient will then be asked to repeat the procedure on a rib above or below the one in question. This procedure may be repeated for as long as is necessary to relieve the patient’s pain. The patient may also be prescribed a home-based program of MWM.

There have been no reports of scoliosis-related rib luxation in cats. In one case, the head of the right ninth rib dislocated into the intervertebral foramen, resulting in contusive injury to the spinal cord. Despite the neurological signs, the patient was able to walk during his hospitalization. Surgical treatment was considered, but the patient was able to walk six weeks after the procedure. The owner did not observe any abnormal movements for 6 months.

Rib subluxation is a common condition described in medical texts, but there is no scientific proof that it occurs. Consequently, clinicians should stop calling rib subluxation “gone out” and instead call it a sprain and describe it as such. The change of terminology may be helpful for the recovery of the patient. It should be noted that rib subluxation has been known for over 100 years.

To perform a surgical procedure for rib luxation, the patient was placed in a sternal position. The right dorsal approach was used to visualize the vertebral-costal articulation. Bipolar cautery was used to stop the hemorrhage. The ribs were exposed from the 4th rib. Gentle traction with rotation was insufficient to correct the luxation.

Symptoms of rib luxation can include pain and tenderness during deep breathing. Symptoms are often mistaken for serious conditions. If untreated, rib subluxation can result in a herniated disc or a fracture. It can also cause muscle spasm in the surrounding muscles. The pain may be felt at the same time. It can also be accompanied by neurological symptoms such as tingling and numbness.

Rib luxation can be treated by plastic surgeons during a BBL surgery to restore the waist line and create an hourglass figure. The procedure is also effective in improving the overall appearance of the body. While some surgeons are wary of removing ribs, Dr. Orozco has performed this procedure with many satisfied patients. It can take up to six months to heal and leave a scar. It is important to understand your limitations and expectations before undergoing surgery to determine if this procedure is right for you.

What is Rib Luxation?
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