What Makes the Denver Broncos Funny?

Is there anything funny about the Denver Broncos? Yes, there is! Just watch them change a tire and make 70,000 fans stand up! Then, find out how they say ‘neigh’ to everything. These are just a few of the many things that make the Broncos funny! Here are some of my favorites:

The Denver Broncos have two mascots, Thunder and Miles. Many fans refer to Thunder as the low fan while Miles refers to himself as a “high fan.” I was not even drunk when I was pulled over once for my paint job. I thought it was a graphic violation, but it turned out to be harmless fun! It was actually a great joke!

Denver is home to the Denver Broncos, a team with a rich history. Built in 1958, the stadium is a mile high and won Super Bowl XXXII. Fans are jealous of their name and original colors! They might even be called “The Snowgoose.”

TheMadFanatic Channel is a great channel for Broncos fans who are committed. Their content includes Broncos news, videos, music, and other things that Broncos fans will enjoy. Their YouTube channel also features Broncos music videos and provides fantasy football information for Broncos fan. So, if you’re a true fan, subscribe to their channel and enjoy!

Pat Bowlen wanted all Colorado children to grow up as Broncos. He was the team’s name and he hoped that all his children would be Broncos. Then, he promoted deyson Sizer from their practice squad. Phillip Lindsay attended high school in Colorado, where he played football for the Broncos. All of these people were from Colorado, it’s obvious.

During his rookie season, Lindsay lived with his parents. The scrutiny he faced during that time was tempered because he grew up in the same house with his parents. Many of his former Broncos still live in the region. They’re regulars at team functions, but they’re still hoping for another Super Bowl appearance! So, let’s keep our Broncos fans in the loop! They’ll love us for it!

What Makes the Denver Broncos Funny?
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