What Number Did Shaq Wear?

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You’re not the only one who has wondered what Shaq wore while playing basketball. There are many theories about O’Neal’s number. We thought it would be interesting to find out the truth about O’Neal’s number. He is a popular NBA analyst and sports personality. We’ll tell you if he wore 32 or 33 or 36.

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What number did Shaq wear to the concert? This is a question many people have been asking. The former LSU basketball star chose number 32 because of his strong athleticism and his ability to dominate in a short period of time. The Orlando Magic was a brand new team in 1992 and Shaq was the most desired rookie. He was not an instant starter, however. Terry Catledge was the team’s number up until 1996, when O’Neal was an established star.

Shaq wore number 32 after signing with the Orlando Magic during the 1992 NBA draft. It was the number that Magic Johnson wore before it was retired, and Shaq joked about playing with the number while in Orlando. Shaq won three championships with Lakers and was even compared with Kareem AbdulJabbar, his idol. But his number 33 wasn’t a lasting memory.

Shaquille O’Neal wore 32 in high school. He weighed about 325 pounds and was 0-for-22 from three-point range. He was measured at 12 feet five inches standing during his pre-draft exercises. He wore size 22 EEE sneakers. He was twelve feet five inches tall in 2005.

Shareef O’Neal will wear the No. 24 for the LSU Tigers during the upcoming season. He wore the No. 32 at LSU. He transferred to LSU in January from UCLA. Shareef O’Neal shared the math behind the number 32 on social media. He will be playing for the Tigers 2021. His favorite number, Shaq O’Neal, was a major factor in his decision for LSU.

After redshirting one year at UH, Olajuwon had to decide on a jersey number. The team had two jersey numbers for each player, with odd numbers for road games and even ones for home games. But Benny Anders, another Houston basketball player, claimed number 32 and Olajuwon decided to go with the 34. He is still the greatest Houston Rockets player.

When Cummings first joined the 76ers, he wore the number 34. Cummings played for the 76ers later on, and his number was eventually retired in memory of Charles Barkley. He ended up wearing number 12 his first season. The number 34 is one of the most iconic numbers in the NBA, and it was his most famous number. But in his prime, Shaq was one of the greatest players of all time. Before he could wear the number 34, he had to ask Billy Cunningham for permission.


In high school, Shaquille O’Neal wore the number 32 for his high school team. He joked that he would be mistaken as Magic Johnson if running the fast-break. He wore the number until 1996, and he was loyal to it. Shaq was awarded three NBA MVP Awards during that period. But, he’s not the only player who wore number 33.

O’Neal was 32 when he started playing basketball. O’Neal had the longest vertical reach at 12 feet five inches, during his pre-draft trainings. O’Neal currently co-owns over 160 Five Guys Burgers franchises as well as seventeen Auntie Annie’s Pretzels locations. He also owns 40 24-hour fitness centers, shopping malls, nightclubs and movie theaters.

Harris was able to retire the number 34 when he joined the 76ers at the end of the last season. But the team later changed Harris’ number to 12. He also played AAU basketball alongside Morgan Childs, who tragically succumbed to leukemia. This is what makes his No. Shaq is so proud of his No. 34. There are many reasons O’Neal chose number 34.

The Miami Heat retired Shaq’s No. 32 jersey. Before being traded, he played three seasons for the Heat. He played 295 games with Orlando, followed by 205 games with the Heat. He now has two retired numbers. Miami also retired Michael Jordan’s No. 23. Both Shaq and Michael Jordan used the number 32. If you’re curious about the number Shaq wore throughout his career, you can check out Shaq’s jersey.

His first season with the Miami Heat is undoubtedly one of his most memorable moments in NBA. He is still a free agent despite being a $40m player. It’s no surprise he signed Stanley Roberts as an early free agent. He also defused the jersey number controversy. Terry Catledge challenged him to his No. 33 jersey. He declined. 33 jersey because he’s taller than his teammates.


The No. 36 jersey number belongs to Shaquille O’Neal. 36 jersey number belongs to Shaquille O’Neal. This is the number that he wore in college, but the significance of it is much more. Shaq also wore No. 33 with LSU, then No. 32 with the Orlando Magic after being selected by the Lakers in the 1992 NBA draft. The Lakers went on to win three NBA titles during his tenure with them, and Shaq wore that same number for his final two seasons with the team. After his time with the Heat, Shaq changed to No. 36 during his final season in Boston.

In addition to being the most famous player of his generation, Shaq’s number 36 also had historical significance. Named after him, the number is associated with Shaq’s dominating performance as a basketball player. It is the same number as that of his mentor Magic Johnson. It is also the number that Kobe Bryant wore in the 1992 Finals. In fact, the number was so admired by Kobe Bryant that he was passed up in the rings in Game 7.

What Number Did Shaq Wear?
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