What Team Does Will Smith Own?

Will Smith is the owner of a team in NBA! The actor and singer was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to promote his new movie Collateral Beauty. Smith spoke out about owning a team in the NBA and visited the Philadelphia 76ers to encourage them to win the NBA championship. Nine players on the team weren’t born when Fresh Prince of Bel Air was released! So, he’s clearly excited to own his hometown team.

It’s unclear exactly what percentage of the Sixers Will Smith owns. Smith has maintained his Philadelphia roots, though the team has not yet disclosed how much ownership he has. Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith recently acquired a stake in the Philadelphia 76ers. Hopefully, their ownership will end the NBA lockout! Will Smith’s investment in the team is significant and a great opportunity for them to win games.

Will Smith’s career has taken him from extraordinary heights to great heights. For his roles in Ali and The Pursuit of Happiness, he was nominated for an Academy Award. He has also won numerous awards, including two BET Awards and one Image Award, four MTV Movie Awards and two People’s Choice Awards. Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have two children, Willow and Jaden. Trey Smith, his first marriage, is also named after Will Smith.

Since turning 50, Will Smith has relaxed his public image. While his YouTube series was ostensibly about his dad’s non-superhero bod, it was more about unbuckling his own strict behavior. He’s traveled without security for years and learned to swim. He’s also tried to reconcile his relationship with his father. However, it is unlikely that Smith will accept the Oscar nomination for Ali.

Will Smith owns a private jet. He rented the plane from Dublin to Manchester in 2011 for $12,000, and has since become part owner of the 76ers NBA team. He purchased the team with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Since then, Smith has been considered one of the world’s most influential actors. But what team does Will Smith own? It’s hard to tell what his net worth is, but his assets are certainly impressive.

Smith made a staggering $10 million from his music career in late ’80s. He spent it as if it were going out of fashion, which allowed him to lavishly spoil his friends and family. Unfortunately, this trend led to the fall of his popularity. Jazzy Jeff became a rap star, and Smith found himself in trouble by not only letting his fans down but also his own team.

The Smiths have also become owners of the Brooklyn Nets, which made the incident all the more interesting. The singer was the co-owner of the New Jersey Nets in 2004 but was then forced to leave the team due to poor business decisions. Smith and his wife made it clear in the aftermath that the team’s decision to announce concerts was not an isolated incident. It is part of their long-term strategy. It will be up to the Smiths to deal with this scandal.

What Team Does Will Smith Own?
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