What to Look For in a Chow Collie Mix

what to look for in a chow collie

A Chow collie mix is an excellent choice for someone looking for a small dog that’s both playful and loyal. They’re a great choice for anyone looking for an active family dog. They are sturdy, have long coats, and a square head with a deep muzzle. A Chow can be black or blue with a solid color or patches of color. While a Chow collie mix can be like the purebred variety, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting one.

The main difference between a Border collie and a Chow collie mix is size. Both breeds weigh between forty and seventy pounds, and are small to medium-sized dogs. Border collie dogs are a small to medium-sized dog, while chow chows weigh between forty and seventy pounds. They are both medium-sized dogs and weigh eighteen to twenty-two inches tall.

What to Look For in a Chow Collie Mix
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