What to Teach Your Students About Money?

The JA More than Money program is a great way to teach money to your students. This kit-based program provides five 45-minute sessions and optional digital assets for teachers to use in the classroom or in an afterschool program. HSBC has partnered with Junior Achievement to support the JA More than Money program. This program can be implemented as a standalone activity or added to existing JA Financial Literacy programs.

If you’re interested in using a credit card with Jaja, make sure you check the company’s reputation before signing up. The service is not very reliable and has received mixed reviews from customers. In TrustPilot, it has a 3.6-star rating, based on over 5,200 reviews. Customers complain about poor customer service, and incorrect payments. The credit card app has poor reviews as well, with an average score of two stars on Apple’s App Store.

JA More than Money introduces third and fourth-grade students to essential personal money management skills. It focuses on topics relevant to students’ lives, such as financial resilience and smart shopping in the digital age. The JA cast of characters serves as symbols for the concepts discussed. Through a variety of online talks and learning resources, JA aims to foster students’ financial capabilities and self-confidence. It also introduces financial literacy and entrepreneurship concepts.

What to Teach Your Students About Money?
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