What You Need to Know About the 2017 Colts

what you need to know about the 2017 colts 26967

The 2017 Indianapolis Colts season marked their 65th season in National Football League. The team spent their 10th season at Lucas Oil Stadium and their 34th season in Indianapolis. The 2017 season was the sixth under Chuck Pagano, who was then fired. Here are five questions to ask yourself. Which team should you support? What are the players’ strengths and weaknesses? What should they improve on? And, most importantly, who should be their next head coach?

Joey Lombardo

The Colts neck have several new starters at key positions this season. Carmen Catena and Vinny Gargiulo have developed into a formidable rushing duo, while Joey Mauriello will handle the ball-carrier duties out of the backfield. Joey Lombardo is a sophomore and is the undisputed leader of the offense. Here’s what you need to know about the 2017 Colts.

The legendary Chicago mafia member was also a former Colts wide receiver. His alibi was that he had reported a stolen wallet the day of the murder. But the police were able to identify his fingerprint on the rental papers for the getaway car. He told his friends the next day that “that motherfucker wouldn’t be testifying.”

King, a senior, will be a huge presence for the Colts. The two-time State medalist will also be there to lead the team into its second season in the Atlantic Coast Conference. King will try to add to his five-year record in AC. His team includes Dyon Womack, a District and Region placer, and Justin Pierre-Louis, a District and Region placer. A new face will also be a key addition.

Luck and Donte Moncrief

This year, the Indianapolis Colts have problems with their receiver. T.Y. T.Y. Hilton is a Pro Bowl wide receiver. However, they need more weapons to throw to the ball to. Donte Moncrief was a bust last season, and tight end Jack Doyle struggled in his first season. Andrew Luck won’t be able to find the end zone without a legitimate deep threat.

Donte Moncrief is the biggest receiver on the team, and he’s a stout 6-2, 216-pound athlete. He’s lost his role to Kamar Aiken, but his experience and catching touchdowns is undeniable. He had six touchdowns last year and has proven to be a capable red zone threat.

Moncrief’s big-play ability has been the only question surrounding his status. He was the second wideout on the Colts’ offense in 2017, trailing only T.Y. Hilton. Moncrief is a proven playmaker on crucial downs. He’s completed 53 out of 84 targets and converted 43 1st downs in his career. He has 12 touchdowns and 20 of 32 red zone passes he’s caught.

Donte Moncrief is an intriguing Fantasy option this season. He is a potential impact player on this team. His wide receiver skills have made him a key piece of the offense, and he’s an option to snag a starting role in fantasy football. The Colts have two other important players, Andrew Luck and Donte Moncrief. If they can keep these three healthy, they’ll have a strong offense.

Andrew Luck is a strong Fantasy player this year. However, his status could have a significant impact on the Colts receiving corps. If Luck is out for the first six games, Frank Gore, Donte Moncrief, and Jack Doyle will all be hurting. Luck could be placed on the reserve/PUP list and miss the entire year. The Colts don’t look good without Luck.

Robert Turbin, Frank Gore’s backup, is expected to be on Colts depth chart. He’s in the last year of his contract and scored eight touchdowns last season. The Colts need a reliable ball-carrier to get the ball down the field. They took a gamble and used a fourth-round pick on Marlon Mack, who has the potential to be the No. 2 back in the future.


After a disappointing year last year, the Indianapolis Colts are in dire need of an upgrade to their inside linebacker position. They were struggling to contain the run last season and drafted undrafted journeyman Anthony Walker fifth round. Although the linebackers can fill a large role, they lack the speed and agility to cover faster players. This is why this position group is so important for the Colts in this offseason.

Injured rookie Darnell Sankey was the main reason for Sankey’s limited playing time in 2017. Jackson, who was limited to eight games last season for the Colts, was forced out of the season due to an ankle injury. However, he returned to the team in the second half of the season. Injuries to two starters Lamar Jackson and Jon Bostic limited the latter’s playing time. Luckily, third-year player Jeremiah George and rookie Anthony Walker stepped up and filled in when necessary. The special teams had four inside linebackers, with each player recording multiple tackles on kickoffs and punt returns. One of them also blocked a crucial punt late in season.

After signing new players this offseason, the Indianapolis Colts have strengthened and balanced their defense. They added quality players like John Hankins and Barkevious mingo, but they didn’t add any playmakers. Ballard has been focusing on building a solid foundation and hopes to sign four players who will improve the Colts defense. There is no guarantee that the team will have a strong defensive line in 2017.

The Colts need linebackers after signing Andrew Luck as their first-round pick. They need to improve their run defense and a few solid players can help. While they don’t have a top-five defensive line, the Colts’ defensive line is an improvement from last season. They need to add more defensive linemen to win games.


The Indianapolis Colts’ defensive line will be a key area for improvement this year. Last season, the Colts didn’t have a consistent outside rusher. Only two players had more than three sacks. Former Buckeye Jonathan Hankins and Houston Texans cornerback John Simon should be better than their grade from last season. Both players are at high risk of injury and won’t be available for the entire season.

The Indianapolis Colts started seven players that were 30 years old, including two rookie corners. Their veteran number one corner would sit out much of the season because of a knee injury. The Colts had a lot of problems at safety, but they also drafted a promising young corner with legitimate potential. They also drafted a ball-hawking center fielder with the first pick of the draft. Despite all the great pieces, the defense was not as good as the Colts’ offense.

The 2017 Indianapolis Colts’ defense will be better than last year’s unit, but it won’t be very good. Despite some draft picks and a veteran lineman, the defense ranks 31st in yards per game and 25.3 per games. Although the team made some changes in free agency, it didn’t add many impact players. Instead, the Colts are building their foundation for the future and hoping to hit on four key players in the offseason.

The Indianapolis Colts’ offensive line was another area of concern last season. The team’s interior pass blocking is generally fine, but their exterior line has a number of flaws. Their defensive tackles stick to the first level too long and have trouble covering faster players. As a result, the Indianapolis Colts’ defensive line is the weak link in the defense. This can create problems for Andrew Luck and the offense.

The 2017 Indianapolis Colts offense was strong on the first downs but inefficient when they were leading. They were the only NFL team to fail to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the season. Only two teams had two interceptions in that situation. This was another reason the Colts offense was so predictable. With its high percentage of sacks, the defense must improve to prevent this from happening again.

What You Need to Know About the 2017 Colts
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