What You Should Know About Quarterback Carson Wentz

After attending Century High School in Bismark, North Dakota, quarterback Carson Wentz decided to make a career change. He was a defensive back and quarterback while at Century High School in Bismark, North Dakota. He was also a great player in basketball and baseball. After graduating, he received one FBS offer from Central Michigan, but chose North Dakota State instead. Here are some facts about Wentz and his decision. Wentz, who was named the top high school quarterback in the country by Sports Illustrated in 2013, has a lot to be proud of.

Wentz was a quarterback who played for North Dakota State Bison. Despite this, the team chose to take him in the third round of the NFL Draft, where he was drafted second overall. Bismarck native Wentz was selected ahead of his teammates by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings. He was also selected to be the Eagles’ starting quarterback against the Cleveland Browns, which was good news for Bismarck’s high-school football program.

Wentz was a winning baseball player and also played basketball for Century High School. He was traded to Minnesota Vikings for two draft picks and is now a starter at 29-6. Wentz was nicknamed “Wentzylvania” in high school. He was a star student and a future NFL quarterback. What’s so special about Wentz? The Bismarck native is a true athlete with tremendous athletic ability and smarts. He’s not only an elite athlete; he’s a valedictorian.

Carson Wentz, despite his athletic abilities, is a great quarterback and great athlete. He was involved in three sports during high school, namely basketball, football, and basketball. He was a center and forward player on the court. He was All-Conference in basketball and football. Wentz threw for 1,285 yard, had 25 touchdowns and had 61 tackles.

Despite his impressive stats, Wentz’s success has been nothing short of extraordinary. Bismarck’s 6-foot-2, 235-pound quarterback was named All-American quarterback by College Sporting News. He also won the FCS Playoff MVP award. He’s expected to be picked in the top two picks during the 2016 NFL draft. He’ll join Wentz in a wide range of opportunities. It will be interesting to watch his career unfold.

In addition to his stellar on-field accomplishments, Wentz has performed numerous charitable acts. After he graduated from Century High School, he saved the life of a young boy after attending a training camp. His parents learned of his symptoms when they watched a training camp video of Carson. Carson Wentz was able to grant Lukas his final wish. If the young boy survived, his father will be proud of him for fulfilling his last wish.

After graduating from Century High School in Century, Wentz was drafted by Philadelphia Eagles. He was the highest-drafted FCS player ever drafted in the game’s history and won two national championships. Carson Gontz’s impressive athletic credentials were rewarded when he chose North Dakota State as his college. He was drafted by the Eagles as the second overall pick in 2016.

What You Should Know About Quarterback Carson Wentz
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