What’s on Tonight’s NCIS New Episode?

If you are a fan of NCIS, you are probably wondering what’s on tonight’s episode. It’s not surprising, really. The show’s star Mark Harmon has been a mainstay of the series since its debut. But what’s Harmon’s next move? We’ll find out Monday! Let’s take another look! We’ll break down the main plot points of the show.

Tonight’s episode of NCIS begins with the team investigating the sudden death of an investigative journalist and a Navy reservist. NCIS investigates the deaths of a vital organ donor, in addition to the deaths of the two deceased individuals. The episode airs at 9PM ET/PT and is available live and on Paramount+. You can watch the episode tonight by going to CBS and starting the countdown!

Ducky, a MIT graduate, returns to London after a case reveals a connection to an old friend. In addition to this, Ducky is working on a murder case that involves a retired master sergeant. He also discovers a fraudulent charity that preys upon missing military personnel. Meanwhile, Bishop is struggling with his probation evaluation, while Tony is contemplating adopting a stray cat.

The last episode of NCIS season 19 will conclude the storyline with a shocking twist. Emily Bishop, a former employee of the NSA, was revealed to have leaked a file ten year ago and is now a disgraced NCIS Agent. Odette notices something special in Emily and kisses Torres good-bye before heading back undercover.

While NCIS may not air new episodes tonight, it’s back in just two weeks. The last episode of season 18 was “Sunburn,” which aired earlier in the season. Fans can still expect new episodes of NCIS, despite the frequent hiatus between episodes. How can we predict what to expect? We can’t say, but there are many rumours circulating online about what’s on tonight’s episode.

The cast of tonight’s NCIS new episode includes: Rocky Carroll as NCIS Director Leon Vance, Gary Cole as FBI Special Agent Alden Parker, Kelly Sry as Dr. Scott Long, Gianni DeCenzo as Owen, Deborah Strang as June Davis, and Katrina Law as Diann Warner. Gary Cole, John Schneider, David Arquette, and John Schneider are all returning to NCIS.

Although Bello’s departure was already announced, Wickersham’s exit was quite unexpected. While it’s true that he left the series early, NCIS still owes the actor more episodes. In addition, the actress had a dream job as a forensics expert in the lab, and she was able to fulfill it. Now, she oversees a charity for Clayton’s late mother.

What’s on Tonight’s NCIS New Episode?
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