Which Detail From the Monkey’s Paw Helps Create Tension?

To create tension, what detail did the author use from the monkey’s foot? Let’s take a look at some examples. Which of these details does the author use in order to create tension in his story? In part one of the story, Mr. Morris decides to throw the monkey’s paw into a fire to create tension. In part two, Mr. White catches the paw and plays chess with his son. He wonders what to wish for, as he has everything he could possibly need.

The author uses delaying key details. By delaying key information such as the identity of the killer until the climax of the story, the reader is left to speculate and wonder what will happen next. This creates a feeling of suspense and compels the reader to continue reading. What detail in the monkey’s paw creates tension? Consider the theme of the story. What message does the author want to convey?

To create tension, the author uses foreshadowing. When the White family receives the money, the monkey’s paw moves. Morris’s “offhanded” way of talking about magic makes the White family curious about it, though he fails to explain why he’s doing this. As a result, the tone of the novel shifts from wonderment at the exotic to curiosity about the paw’s power.

Several authors incorporate foreshadowing into their stories. By providing clues about the events to come, authors can help the reader build tension in the story. These clues can be used to build suspense and create meaning. W.W. Jacobs’ “The Monkey’s Paw”, for example, uses foreshadowing in order to help the reader predict what’s coming next.

To analyze the similarities between “The Monkey’s Paw”, W.W. Jacobs’ film adaptations and their own, a three-circular Venn Diagram can be used. The student can choose which order they prefer to analyze the adaptations. Generally, students should start with Ricky Lewis Jr.’s version and then move on to The Simpsons’ rendition. Students can also use the Monkey’s Paw Compare & Contrast Graphic Organizer for this activity to compare the three versions.

The last scene is one of the most dramatic in the book. Herbert White has just died, but Mr. White does not want to let Mrs. White know that he’s had three wishes already. She refuses Herbert’s request and insists on wishing him to return to life with the monkey’s hand. He tries to convince his wife, but she refuses to accept the wish and the monkey dies.

Which Detail From the Monkey’s Paw Helps Create Tension?
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