Which Travis Kelce Rookie Card Should You Buy?

It’s important to know what to look out for when choosing which Travis Kelce rookie cards to buy. There are three options: Topps Chrome, Spectra shimmer, and Panini Contenders. I will discuss why the Panini Contenders are more valuable in this article. After all, these are the cards that most fans will see. However, there are also some great Autographed options available, too.

Spectra sparkle travis kelce rookie card

A Spectra sparkle Travis Kelce rookie card is one of the more common types of the first-year wide receiver’s cards. This rookie card is serial numbered, and is considered one of the best rookie cards. This card is limited to 99 copies and the serial number indicates something. Kelce rookie cards can be sold for a lot more than their book value depending on their condition.

Despite its low price, it has a recognizable style that will appeal to collectors. It is immediately identifiable by its silver shine and the word “Rookie” splashed across its front. This rookie card is the most affordable. Its striking design also makes it worth checking out. The Kelce rookie card, while not a collector’s piece, is still a great piece of memorabilia.

Topps Chrome travis kelce rookie card

The 2013 Topps Chrome Travis Kelce #118 rookie card comes with an authentic autograph from the quarterback. It’s a slabbed card, signed by the quarterback and authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services. Kelce signed multiple copies of this card. Therefore, the signature placement, size and strength of each card may vary. This signature can only be verified by using BAS Slabbed.

The card features Kelce in his classic red jersey. The card’s back features investment advice and a sticker autograph. Despite its low number and true rookie card designation, it’s relatively affordable, and the design is stunning. The Travis Kelce rookie card has some nice details, but overall it’s a great value. You can get the card in a variety of prices and types, and it’s relatively inexpensive.

The Travis Kelce RC’s price is very reasonable, especially considering that it’s a mid-range product. The card features a young Kelce in full gear with the NFL logo splattered across the front. The image is also nicely framed, in classic Select style. The card looks like a Prizm trading card, but with a lower price. There’s also no need to worry about the quality – you can find an ungraded copy for under $20.

Panini Contenders travis kelce rookie card

If you are a collector of football cards, you have probably heard of the Panini Contenders Travis Kelly RC. These cards are very popular, and the gold-standard of rookie cards, with a sticker auto and a limited number of 99 copies. The only problem is that Kelce’s rookie card is not as rare as other high-end football cards. However, there are many Kelce RCs available at very affordable prices.

The Panini Contenders Travis Kelce RC has a very high value, as it is not signed but is serial numbered. This means that it’s not a numbered card, and it is a nice looking card showing the young tight end in his prime. This card, like most Contenders cards, has a nice design and shine. It has a nice frame, too. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you might want to look into the Prizm card. It’s a cheaper option that has the same design and quality of the Prizm card, but it’s still worth the money.

Autographed travis kelce rookie card

A Travis Kelce rookie card autographed can be very valuable. The price has soared to over $60 from a few dollars last year. It’s no wonder – Kelce is a talented tight end, and there are few players in the league with more potential. In addition to the value of an Autographed Travis Kelce rookie card, collectors also enjoy the fact that the rookie card is serial numbered and can be found for a few dollars.

If you’d like a high-end rookie card, Travis Kelce’s 2013 Topps Chrome rookie card is a great choice. The card features the player holding a football, with a deep blue background and red refractor. It also has an autograph sticker, and is available in a few different price ranges. You might also be interested to collect the RC range which includes Travis’ autographed cards.

Travis Kelce was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round. While Andy Reid was still the head coach, Kelce transferred from Missouri to Kansas City. His rookie season saw Kelce fail to record a single catch, but over the next two seasons he blossomed into a legitimate offensive threat. Kelce averaged more than fifty receptions and over eight hundred yards in each of his subsequent seasons. In 2016, Kelce broke the NFL record in receiving yards and also caught his first 1,000-yard game.

There are many collectors of Travis Kelce’s rookie cards. A Topps Chrome card featuring Kelce’s photograph is a great purchase, but it will cost you a few dollars. Kelce is a tight end in the NFL and will likely be inducted into the Hall of Fame when he is eligible. Base form Kelce rookie cards don’t cost much.

Which Travis Kelce Rookie Card Should You Buy?
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