Who Had the Number One Song in 1990?

When you’re thinking about the number one song of 1990, you’re probably wondering “who had the number one song in 1990?” There were many acts that made history in 1990, including some of music’s biggest names. Phil Collins’ “Another Day in Paradise”, which reached number one, is one of the many acts that made history in 1990s. While it wasn’t as successful as the other songs in 1990, both were huge hits at the time.

The chart date will show you which songs reached the top spot for your birthday. Unlike other charts, you won’t have to remember which song reached the top spot on your birthday to make the right choice. The chart will also show you which songs topped the charts when you were born. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a number one song that was released on your birthday. The same applies to all other birthdays.

Smooth by Santana, Rob Thomas was the longest-running number 1 single of the 1990s. It remained at the top for 12 weeks. This song also lasted into the 2000s, extending its run by two weeks. It still doesn’t make it onto the list of the top 10 longest-running number 1 songs from the 1990s. In this list, you can find more information about what songs were at the top on January 23 of 1990.

Who Had the Number One Song in 1990?
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