Who Has A Warrant In New Hanover County NC?

who has a warrant in new hanover county nc 49981

This article will help you find out who is in New Hanover County, NC. New Hanover County, NC has 202,667 residents. To begin your search, you can enter any name, address, or phone number into the search box and it will open a new window. You will be taken to third party websites that provide access to public records for New Hanover County, NC. This website is monitored regularly by the editors. They would appreciate any assistance you could give them by reporting broken links or sharing new ones.

A grand jury in Hays County indicted two men on April 24, citing four counts of aggravated sexual assault and a single count of attempted murder. The men were ordered to post a total of $500,000 in bond, and are expected to appear in court on May 2. After shooting a New Hanover High School student, a Wilmington boy, 15, has been charged with attempted killing, a felony.

Who Has A Warrant In New Hanover County NC?
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