Who is the Colts QB This Year?

The Indianapolis Colts are asking the question: Who is the quarterback for this year’s team? The answer is Marcus Mariota, who has played well for the team in recent years. But is this the right quarterback for the team? Here are some things to consider. In this article, I’ll go over the pros and cons of each. Hopefully, you’ll feel confident in your decision to back him in the starting lineup.

Teddy Bridgewater is one of the Colts’ most intriguing free agents. Although Bridgewater has never won a Super Bowl, he has a solid track record as a conservative and safe quarterback. His completion percentage is just below six percent, which is higher than the league average of six and a half yards per attempt. He’s also a great fit to Indy, provided that the team’s offensive line is on par.

Jimmy Garoppolo could be a viable option, but he’ll miss at least 10 games next year due to throwing shoulder problems. If he’s out, the team’s earliest option would be a trade. However, he’ll probably have to go out of town to get him. Otherwise, he can look elsewhere. Kirk Cousins, Matt Ryan, and even Jordan Love are available. Ballard could also try to trade up to acquire a quarterback in the first round if the Colts fail to find the quarterback they want through free agency.

Ehlinger is the only other quarterback on the Colts’ roster, and neither of them has played a single NFL game. Ehlinger, however, has a track record of success in college and is expected challenge for the backup position. While Eason is the favorite for the backup role, Ehlinger is expected to fight for playing time in the preseason. The Colts will need a quarterback with experience.

The Colts have an amazing roster, but Wentz could be the quarterback that takes them to the next level. He’s not a hero and won’t win MVP awards every week, but he’s still a dynamic athlete and capable of extending plays with his legs. His deep ball accuracy is also an intriguing factor, as multiple skill players have commented on during OTAs. However, Wentz will most likely be similar to Andrew Luck offensively.

A second possibility is a backup. Although the Colts have a lot of quarterbacks, there are still some players who could make it to the team’s starting lineup. Josh Eason was signed in 2020 as a fourth-rounder. He was once a boom or bust prospect after spending time at Washington, Georgia, and Georgia. He didn’t get much offseason work last year, and didn’t even play in any preseason games. If he has a stellar year, he could make his way into the spotlight as the backup.

The Indianapolis Colts will be cautious about their quarterback selection. Garoppolo may be the best choice if they are unable to handle the drama. He’s had enough drama in his life so why not choose someone who has been at the center of all that drama? His famous “Romeo and Juliet” comeback performance makes Garoppolo a tempting option. Garoppolo also has postseason success and experience, which is exactly what the Colts want.

Who is the Colts QB This Year?
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