Who Shot Justice Brown Jackson’s Big Ebony Butt Portrait?

If you have ever wondered who took Justice Brown Jackson’s official portrait picture, you’ve come the right place. Lelanie Foster was the woman who captured Jackson’s soul through her ebony eyes while she posed for the famous photograph. She also captured Justice Jackson’s smile and expression, which was the ultimate goal of any photographer. Below are some of the most notable portraits she took from the day Jackson was born.

Lelanie Foster took Justice Brown Jackson’s official portrait

The stunning photo of Justice Brown Jackson has gone viral, and it’s no wonder why. Foster started her photography career in college and has been working on an Instagram project that focuses on Black women. Her recent projects have included portraits of actress Issa Rae and singer Andra Day. Jackson’s portrait tells a story of his accomplishments and impact on Black law students.

The Bronx native and expert in black women, the photographer chosen was selected. Her style is distinctive and her work is largely Black. Foster was chosen by the White House because of her unique perspective and sensitive nature. Jackson was also a natural for a photo shoot so her skills as an artist were highly sought-after. In a previous interview, Foster reflected on the moment, noting that the opportunity to work on Justice Brown Jackson’s official portrait was an honor.

The official portrait of Justice Brown Jackson was made public after the confirmation of Justice Brown Jackson by the Senate. The photo was posted on Oprah’s Instagram and Beyonce’s website. Foster’s photos have gained her notoriety and she has since worked on a variety of projects. Foster has taken portraits of many prominent Black figures and has also photographed Queen & Slim, Queen & Slim, and other celebrities.

Foster’s portfolio is filled with powerful portraits, including one of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to be confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. Her work is a tribute to the Black culture that Jackson embodies. A portrait of Jackson is sure to bring many re-election efforts. The photograph is itself a work-of-art. If you are considering hiring Foster, you’ll want to check out her portfolio.

Who Shot Justice Brown Jackson’s Big Ebony Butt Portrait?
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