Who Should Make Up the Memphis Grizzlies Roster For 2016-17?

While you may be familiar with the Grizzlies’ starting five from last season, you may be wondering who else should make up the Memphis Grizzlies roster for 2016-17. There is no definitive answer for that, but we can look at the Grizzlies’ depth chart to get a better understanding of who they’ll need to replace. For example, the Grizzlies will likely have six guards on their roster this year, with Ennis and Harrison competing for the other two spots.

Mike Conley is the Grizzlies’ most important player. He has the best overall skills of any player on their roster. He is a selfless point guard who has seen improvement in recent seasons, despite his slow pace. Although he may not be flashy or dazzling, he is extremely effective. If you’re looking for a point guard, he’s worth checking out. He will help them improve their depth and be a valuable addition to the Grizzlies roster.

Another big name on the Memphis Grizzlies’ depth chart is Chandler Parsons, who signed a max contract with the team last offseason. Parsons is a good player with size and shooting ability. This will be crucial since Memphis was 29th in three point shooting last year. In addition, he’s a solid defender who’ll contribute to the team’s defense. With the addition of a veteran defender, the Grizzlies have made it a bit more difficult to put together their starting lineup.

Vince Carter is another big name to look out for this offseason. The six-footer signed a five year contract worth $153million and is expected to average 21.8 points per games. He’ll have to make up for that with his size, but that’s worth it considering his contract is guaranteed for three years. In addition to this, the Grizzlies will likely have to trade at least one player to free agent status.

After the 2015-16 season, the Grizzlies finished their 21st season in the NBA and reached the playoffs for the first time since their inaugural season in 1989. They were swept in the first round by the San Antonio Spurs. Here’s the projected lineup for the 2016-17 season. Don’t be surprised if you see your favorite player on the team. You can learn more about these players by reading their bios.

Vince Carter is a veteran who has embraced a limiting role for the Grizzlies. He is a three-point shooter by trade, but he has found a niche in the Memphis locker room. While his efficiency in the NBA has improved recently, he still doesn’t have the production that he once did. Carter is a key part of the Grizzlies’ goal to win the playoffs.

Who Should Make Up the Memphis Grizzlies Roster For 2016-17?
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