Who Won the Super Bowl in 1952?

The 1952 National Football League championship match was the 20th title game in league history. It took place at Cleveland Municipal Stadium in Cleveland (Ohio) on December 28, 1952. The Detroit Lions finished with a 9-3 record and were tied with Los Angeles Rams for National Conference title. They had defeated the Rams in a playoff match in Detroit on December 21. The title game was won 17-7 by the Lions, who were 3 1/2 points favorites.

Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, and Chicago Bears are the only teams to have won the Super Bowl three times. In 1952, the Detroit Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns, and in 1953, they won the league championship for the third time in six years. The Super Bowl was won by the New York Giants in 1958. In 1990, the Detroit Lions beat the New York Giants by 35 points, their first Super Bowl title since 1961.

The NFL’s controversial policy of blackouts in home games was upheld in a Philadelphia court. The Canadian Football League launched a series raids against NFL teams. During the 1950s, the New York Yankees were sold to a syndicate led by D. Lyle Fife. Joe Perry, a 1952 player, was the first to rush for 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons. The Giants lost the game 24-14.

Despite a rocky start to the game, the Lions were up to the challenge. In the first half, the Lions trailed 16-10 with four minutes and 10 seconds left. They rallied and drove 80 yards from their 20-yard line. The Lions eventually reached the end zone with Bobby Layne’s touchdown pass from Bill Swiacki. Walker’s extra point gave them a two-point advantage.

Who Won the Super Bowl in 1952?
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