Why Choose a Harvestime Kennel?

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Luke and Katie, both from Menasha in Wisconsin, adopted Murphy from Harvestime Kennels. Luke is a pharmacist, while Katie works as an occupational therapist. They plan to take Murphy on field trips to visit hospice patients, nursing homes, and college students. They also enjoy traveling and spending time at their family cabin during the summer months. There are many reasons to choose Harvestime kennels if you are thinking of getting a dog for your pet.

The website of Harvestime Kennel highlights the importance of genetic background, socialization, and health of every dog. The founders and owners of the kennel carry out genetic testing for each dog. They also train the dogs for their purpose. Harvestime Kennel offers pure golden retrievers in three litters, and is licensed to breed them in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. TarrtiAnn Tucker believes that this breed is well-known for its health and that her dogs have a great chance of success.

Why Choose a Harvestime Kennel?
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