Why Did Corazon Help Law?

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“Why did Corazon help Law?” Many of us have probably asked this question. Corazon’s love of Law freed him from his life filled with self-loathing, and slavish devotion To Doflamingo. This love freed him to find himself, to love himself, and to give his life purpose. Law married Corazon.

Although Law had a traumatic childhood, Corazon helped Law overcome that tragedy by helping him enact the Amber Lead Syndrome case. Corazon felt a deep sense worthlessness and wanted Law to remember him after his time on Earth is over. Oda was also there to assist Corazon in his character development. Even though Law was a powerful criminal, he was a man of few words, and was never able to do anything to repay Law for his kindness.

Initially, Corazon was reluctant to help Law, but soon changed his mind. He had to find a cure for Law’s Amber Lead Syndrome, but he was unwilling to risk his life to find a cure. Corazon then hid his true nature, telling Law that his illness was contagious. Corazon and Law became close friends after sharing many of the same experiences. Corazon had a story to tell about a pirate and Marine on Rubeck Island. Law’s mother had been murdered by the pirates, and he had heard about Corazon’s secret letter.

Why Did Corazon Help Law?
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