Why Do I Get Turned On After A Fight?

If you’ve ever had a fight with your partner, you know that feeling of being horny or aroused is common afterward. There is nothing worse than getting into a fight with your partner and then being turned on. The anger that comes with a fight can turn into a desire for wild sex. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some reasons that fighting can make you more passionate.

Stress and anxiety can cause your body to release hormones which increase your heartbeat, blood flow and breathing. Stress and arousal trigger your sympathetic nervous system. This response provides you with energy, and you feel more motivated to act. The fight or flight response is one of the biggest reasons why you’re horny after a fight with your partner. This fear can be alleviated by sex, which can help you feel more confident.

The combination of both relief and sexual satisfaction makes the best “make-up sex” of all. Combined with the heightened sensation of pleasure, the experience is a powerful way to turn on. It can also improve your self-perception. It’s not surprising that fights cause us to turn on after a fight. If you’re wondering “Why do I turn on after a fight?” you’re definitely not alone!

When people fight, their body goes through a huge surge of adrenaline, testosterone, and cortisol. All these chemicals trigger a desire for closeness. This helps the fighter relax, which makes him happier. Similarly, sex after a fight can help relive the intense feelings that came with the fight. This intense rush of emotion makes it a great time to have sex.

A fight can also trigger a high-level of emotional intensity, if the two of you are fighting often. It may be beneficial to see a therapist if you and your partner are prone to this. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to break up. There’s no need to be a monster in your relationship. It’s important to understand your partner’s emotions and try to reduce your own toxin intake before getting into bed with him.

A fight can make you feel horny and can even make you feel more open to intimacy. Seth Meyers, a psychologist, said that make-up sex can be very addictive in the heat of the moment. In fact, a fight can even make you feel better after sex. Rekindling a relationship is not always a good idea.

Why Do I Get Turned On After A Fight?
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