Why is David De Gea Not Playing?

You’re not the only one wondering why David De Gea hasn’t been playing in recent weeks. The following article will explain why. First and foremost, de Gea is a fantastic goalkeeper. He is a Premier League star and was awarded the Premier League winner’s trophy. He has a stellar shot-stopping record with an expected goal minus goal value 10.6. Only Sanchez and Raya are closer to that mark. But the other side have another answer, and that is because De Gea doesn’t like to leave the box. De Gea relies on his quick reflexes and broad ability to save the day.

The other reason for David de Gea’s absence this season is that Kaka has been dropped by his club. The Brazilian player was not at his best during the Chelsea match, which has affected his confidence. United won seven matches against Chelsea while Manchester City lost three. Manchester City’s biggest worry has been Kaka’s absence. But there’s also a more serious reason for the situation. Kaka was dropped following the Chelsea match and De Gea’s performance is the reason for the City’s relegation.

David de Gea is now the second highest-paid player at Manchester United, behind Wayne Rooney. The Spaniard’s performance at the World Cup helped him land the number one spot. The Spaniard wasn’t happy with the decision. He didn’t like it and suggested to the manager that he not call him up for international duty again. De Gea made his return to Old Trafford despite this.

While his absence is a concern to many fans, David de Gea was an impressive force at the club this season. He has been a key member of the team and has made many important saves. With the absence of De Gea, the Spanish national team is in desperate need of a top goalkeeper. With the absence of De Gea, there are doubts about his playing future. A lot of people wonder why he’s not playing in the UEFA Euro 2020 finals.

David De Gea’s absence may be a blessing in disguise. The England manager has asked De Gea to play against Aston Villa, but the goalkeeper has declined. Despite the positive COVID test, De Gea was still a doubtful starter. De Gea will get some rest after Manchester United’s Champions League exit. Nonetheless, he may be available for selection should the situation warrant it.

Spain manager Luis Enrique has been tracing the squad and has been using a number of goalkeepers to ensure that the team can compete in the World Cup later this year. David De Gea was not a good fit for the style of play and was therefore left out of the squad. As a result, he is unlikely to play again in the tournament. Enrique will instead be focusing on younger goalkeepers.

Why is David De Gea Not Playing?
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