Why is Reiner Sniffing Historia’s Letter?

“Why is Reiner sniffing Historia’s letter?” asks Jean, and he grins. The two are in love, and the letter is a romantic gift for Reiner. The two share a common interest in history. Besides being devoted to their work, the two also seem to share a chemistry. In their interactions, they’re both equally interested in the past. But, while Jean is in the middle of her book, she’s not quite sure why she’s writing.

Despite the fact that Historia is a woman, Reiner’s interest in her grew from the start. He mentioned to her multiple times that he wanted to marry her. After she escaped the Female Titan, he met Historia and he became infatuated with her. They also escaped with Jean and Armin, who had been enamored with her. They had two extra horses. This is a good sign.

The letter, in which the two characters bury their dead lover, was written by Historia. He was drawn to her because of her beautiful figure. This was a sign that she was a lesbian. In the first season, the letter was written by the woman, Historia. The two men were in love with one another, and their romance grew stronger with time. While they didn’t marry, Reiner eventually came to love her and he even made a proposal to her.

Reiner’s relationship with Historia was a long-term one. The two had known each other since season one, and Reiner had mentioned several times that he wanted to marry Historia. In the season three episode “Female Titan,” he met her with Armin and Jean. They rescued Historia by taking the two men along with them. She brought her two extra horses. In the second season, he got married, and the two remained together.

The relationship between Reiner and Historia continued to grow throughout the series. The first season of the show showed them meeting at the end of the first season, and they dated for the rest of the series. The second season, however, showed them arguing about what to do next. But the first season of the show had been the most romantic and heartwarming episode of the series. Both had affairs with other characters. In the third season, however, the two were still in love.

The first season introduced two different romances between Reiner and Historia. In the second season, Reiner was drawn to the female character and had a crush on her since the start of the show. In the third season, he married Ymir, who had a child. He had a similar crush on the female characters, but his love life was not very happy. They also found each other through other people.

In season three, Historia and Reiner began to fall in love. Her interest in Reiner had been present since the first season. After the season finale, he mentioned that he wanted to marry her. The couple also had a son. The children had been in love with Historia for a long time, but it wasn’t until the two met that he had a chance to marry a female character.

In season four, Historia and Reiner had been romantically linked since the very first season. The two were attracted to each other, but their feelings were kept secret. The females had been attracted to each other from the beginning. Moreover, the male characters had been dating since the first season. They had children, and they hid the letter from them. But now, the men were in love.

Historia is the only female character in the series who isn’t gay. While it seems like a coincidence that the males and females are in love, they don’t want to make it public. The male characters are more open to sex. Although the females are more open to love, they don’t have any sexy relations. Some people headcanon Historia as a lesbian.

The other characters of the show are Krista’s parents. She is the daughter of Ymir, and they have been separated since they were children. Eren has a crush on Krista and is always willing to help her. In the anime, he pushes Krista away and glares at her. This is the reason why he is so obedient to her parents.

Why is Reiner Sniffing Historia’s Letter?
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