Why Join a Vizsla Forum?

The Hungarian Vizsla forum allows you to meet other owners and breeders. Members discuss all aspects of the breed, including health, behavior, and socialization. The forum also features classifieds. You can post photos, ask questions, and share tips on how to care for your vizsla. It’s a great way to make new friends and learn about the breed.

The Hungarian saying “Vezsla is Velcro” describes the Vizsla’s personality. They are often companionable and enjoy being underfoot. Some owners are unhappy with their neediness and some end up in shelters because of their annoying behavior. The gentle nature and long history of this breed make them a wonderful companion for hunting and a wonderful family pet.

The Vizsla is a great companion for those who love to run or hike outdoors. They are energetic and can be a great hunting dog. However, they can also have behavioral issues. Vizslas require a lot of attention and you should be prepared to spend a lot of time walking them. But if you’re not ready to dedicate yourself to a work schedule, a working dog might be best for you.

Vizslas are able to enter heat twice per year, but they don’t stay in heat for very long. Heat cycles can take up to two years to regulate and last about six months. The signs of heat stress include vomiting and diarrhea, as well as excessive thirst and dehydration. They are less likely to pay attention to men during this time. So, how do you deal with this? There are four parts to the overall heat cycle.

A Vizsla forum is a great place to share pictures of your Vizsla. A forum for Vizslas can help you find the right home for your pet. You can also visit 2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, Inc., which is based in Colorado. This rescue group supports and encourages local rescue organizations to care for Vizslas. They offer a forum for Vizslas and information about the breed. This includes where to find breeders and where you can find lost dogs. The TBVC Rescue is always looking for help, whether financial or in other ways.

Why Join a Vizsla Forum?
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