Why You Should Give Your Sheltie a Short Sheltie Haircut

Many people choose to give their Shelties a short Sheltie haircut for several reasons. They will look slimmer and healthier if they have shorter hair on their legs and feet. Longer underfoot hair will reduce their ability to repel water and protect them from the elements. It is important to trim the hair to the ends of the toes. Listed below are some reasons to give your Sheltie a short Sheltie haircut.

A short Sheltie haircut should start with meticulous preparation. The dense undercoat of Shelties can become matted and compacted, making grooming difficult. It is important to brush them before taking baths in order to prevent mats or breakage. Start at the roots and work your way up to the ends. This will keep the hair smooth and untangled. A Sheltie needs to have her nails clipped and her pads trimmed before styling her hair.

While a short Sheltie haircut is cute, grooming your Sheltie should be done as regularly as possible. Shelties should have their nails clipped every three to four weeks, or as needed, depending on their activity level. Regular nail clipping will prevent overgrown claws from leading to arthritis and limping. Light tangles can be removed with a slicker brush.

Shelties have double coats, which protects them from extremes and regulates their body temperature. Proper grooming will prevent matting and skin infections. A grooming table and rubber-backed mats for bathing are great ways to save strain and backache. A grooming table is especially useful for long Shelties, as it will save you the trouble of bending over and lifting them. You can then give them the perfect haircut that is both practical and attractive.

In addition to the grooming benefits, short Shelties can also protect your home from the elements. The double-coated coat of Shelties traps air in their pads, keeping them warm and dry during the winter months. While the undercoat will help protect your dog from the elements, its tough guard hairs will keep them warm and safe from sun rays and bug bites. And a short Sheltie will still shed, so keeping a short Sheltie trim is essential.

Because it is made up of two layers, a Sheltie jacket will not restrict your ability to wear clothes. To avoid mats, you will need to wash and dry your coat regularly. To prevent mats, you will still need to brush the coat. It’s important to remember that Shelties are working dogs, so you may choose a shorter haircut.

As you can see, shelties have variable hair length, with the longest fur on the head and tail. These dogs can have short or long hair and can be difficult to groom. Shelties can also lose their hair for many reasons, such as seasonal shedding or atopy. Moreover, some breeds are prone to losing their hair because of allergy triggers. So, make sure to give your Sheltie a weekly brushing. To remove any excess hair from your Sheltie’s undercoat, you can use an Undercoat Rake.

Why You Should Give Your Sheltie a Short Sheltie Haircut
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