Wildecker Herzbuben fortune

The Wildecker Herzbuben are a German music group of the genre folk music, which comes from the Hessian Wildeck. How rich is Wildecker Herzbuben?

Music group. The Wildecker Herzbuben was founded in Wildeck, Germany. Wildecker Herzbuben fortune is estimated at around 10 million euros. In 1989 they founded the Duo Wildecker Herzbuben. The duo achieved great success in the genre of folk music and brought the duo numerous awards and appearances in several radio and television programs and tours at national and international level.

Members: Wolfgang Schwalm, Wilfried Gliem.
Nationality: German
His career began: 1989
Cooperation with: Tom Astor, The Benniii, Kastelruther Spatzen, Achim Mentzel, The Amigos.

What is the net worth of Wildecker Herzbuben?
Wildecker Herzbuben’s assets are currently € 10 million.

Record labels: Electrola, Hansa Musik Produktion, MONTANA, Ariola Express, TELAMO / WM Germany, MCP 2006, of course!
Music genres: Bat.
Debut album: Herzilein (1990).

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Wildecker Herzbuben fortune

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