Witch Dog Costume – Dress Your Dog Up For Halloween

witch dog costume dress your dog up for halloween 45981

There are many ways to dress your dog up for Halloween, but you can’t go wrong with a witch dog costume! These adorable costumes are made especially for dogs and include a belly strap, neck strap, and pointy hat. Dogs look adorable in these costumes, and the perfect choice for any Halloween party! There are many costumes to choose from, and all can be washed and dry cleaned for convenience. Just make sure to buy one size larger than your dog’s actual size to ensure a proper fit.

While you can purchase a dog costume for your pup, make sure to take your measurements. If your dog weighs more than 10 pounds, you may need to order two sizes bigger or smaller. However, keep in mind that pet costumes cannot be returned or exchanged for another size. When you purchase a costume for your dog, make sure to consider the girth as this is the most important measurement. You can also look for a matching hat to complete the outfit.

Witch Dog Costume – Dress Your Dog Up For Halloween
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