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Do the Witcher 3 high stakes help Sasha or not? These tips will help you decide if these quests are worth your effort. First, consider Bernard’s role. While Bernard is a good companion, you should also be aware of Count Tybalt’s monster deck. Your personal preferences will determine whether he is able to help Sasha.


Playing against Sasha in Witcher 3 High Stakes is similar to playing against any other Nilfgaardian character, except for one important difference – she is not immune to the ‘White Flame’ effect. Her spy card deck is strong and contains powerful heroes and attack units. To counter Sasha, use Spy cards and Medics to stack the first column and exchange spies for decoys if you can.

After you have defeated the guard on top floor, Sasha will speak with Geralt and suggest they examine the scene. You’ll notice a bolt with a rope attached. This indicates that someone has dropped some money on the street below. Once you have located the bolt, follow the scent to a container marked with a guild seal. Once you’re there, Sasha will ask for your help at the warehouse on the docks.

Once you’ve accepted the invitation, Sasha will ask you out for dinner. If you decline her offer, the quest will end, but accepting it will help you romance her. After dinner, Sasha will leave a note for Geralt, asking him to spend the evening with her. This will give you 45 XP, and 4500 crowns. Although it’s not the most difficult quest in the game Sasha’s presence can make Geralt’s night a success.

Count Tybalt

Count Tybalt in Witcher 3: High Stakes is an optional side quest that can help you earn money. If you are a member of the Monsters faction, you will want to use his cards to overwhelm your opponents. He plays with mostly Monsters faction Heroes and a fair share of neutral heroes. His deck also features many Decoys and removes any Spy cards.

Tybalt is a powerful card but he can also be very expensive. In addition to owed 1,285 crowns to Whoreson Junior, he also owes an unknown amount to Patrick Hazelnut. The other notable people in the game who owe Tybalt debt are Sasha and Bernard Tulle. Sasha uses the Gwent deck, which includes Spies. However, you might run out of cards.

After Sasha convinces Geralt that she is not a thief, she asks you to look into the scene. When you look at the scene, you will notice a bolt with a rope attached to it. Someone had dropped the money on the street below. After looking at the scene, you’ll smell a faint cinnamon scent and will follow it to a container. The prize money will be found in the crate. To find the prize money, Geralt will have to follow the scent trail. In addition to a crate, you will also need to investigate the warehouse, so you will have to climb the scaffolding to access it.

Another side quest in Witcher 3 is High Stakes. This quest is not for the weak or inexperienced player. If you do not know how to use your cards to defeat him, you can use’spy’ cards to counter him. “Villentretenmerth” can be countered by “Decoy.” Count Tybalt can also use a “leader” card.


As the name suggests, the quest “Help sasha in Witcher 3 high-stakes” asks Geralt to go on a robbery. The robbery was not the end of Sasha’s troubles. She has a few options. First, she must talk past the guard at the top floor and climb to the second floor. She then leads Geralt to a mysterious smell and a chest containing a guild seal. When you find this chest, you can then proceed to the next part of the quest.

Sasha will need your assistance in solving a crime. You will need to search for clues in a warehouse. After completing this quest, you’ll find Sasha waiting there. You’ll have to sneak through some scaffolding to reach her. If you can do this, you will find the clues that you are looking for.

After you beat Bernard, it’s time for Sasha. She’s a Northern Realms player, so she’ll likely be using a deck with Medics, pivotal attack units, and holy people. You can counter this by getting rid of her spy cards and exchanging them for fakes. Then, you can proceed to romance Sasha.

Countybalt’s monster deck

Countybalt’s monster deck is a great choice for those who love the Monster faction. He uses strong monster cards to overwhelm his opponents and make them lose control of their deck. With the full set of Muster cards in his deck, Tybalt tries to overwhelm his opponents. His deck is mainly Monsters faction Heroes but it also includes several neutral Heroes like 15 Strength Geraltof Rivia. Additionally, he uses a lot of Decoys in his deck to eliminate Spy cards.

After Bernard Tulle has been defeated by Geralt’s monster deck, Sasha will be your next opponent. She uses a Nilfgaardian card deck. While Sasha’s monsters are strong, you can exploit her spy type cards by swapping out decoys with her monsters to counter her. These cards will give you an advantage against Sasha.

Novigrad Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is a tavern in Novigrad that offers the highest stakes in the game, and it is a place where players can test their luck in card games. The Kingfisher, which is located at the northeast corner of Hierarch Square, is the largest tavern Novigrad. To enter the tournament, players must collect enough cards to be able to defeat Haddy, a powerful and skilled gold prospector.

After completing the quest Geralt meets Sasha who is a thief, and an ally. They engage in a fight to win the Novigrad title. While fighting, Sasha offers to help Geralt with the game. The two men will fight to determine who will be Novigrad’s champion. As a result, the two players will be able to earn a lot of money from this quest.

Once you have a decent card deck, head to Novigrad’s Gwent notice board. The Kingfisher noticeboard is the most difficult gwent quest in the game. Players should complete the Kingfisher Notice Board and all other gwent quests first before moving on to this quest. The Kingfisher notice board is located near the brothel in Passiflora. To enter, players must pay 1000 crowns and speak to the scribe in the brothel’s waiting room.

Finding a warehouse in Novigrad

Finding a warehouse in Novigrad is a crucial part of the High Stakes quest. The key to unlocking this area is to track down a mysterious thief, Sasha. You can do this by following the investigation trail to the warehouse. Once inside, you must face the thief, but you can also get bonus items if you do so.

You will find the trader at Novigrad Docks’ northern end. After capturing him, you will have to convince him to pay back his debt. You will then need to search for the footprint of any thief who may have been killed or captured by rebels. To identify the thief, you can even use his scent.

To reach the warehouse, you need to talk to Sasha. He will explain the sequence of events. Then, you need to follow the scent trail to the warehouse. Once you have found the scent trail, you will be able to climb the stairs to the warehouse. You can also access the warehouse via the window from there. Beware, however, of a thief named Bernard Tulle, who will try to kill you.

Once you have reached this point, you will need to find a way into the warehouse. Once you have found the warehouse, you will need to defeat level 24 and 26 of your enemies. You can either choose to team up with Sasha or go alone. After you defeat the enemies, a scene will unfold. Whether you accept or reject the invitation will determine whether you receive the Crown reward.

Witcher 3 High Stakes Help Sasha
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