Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

Wiz Khalifa’s Bio, Lifestyle, and Net Worth


Wiz Khalifa is a songwriter, rapper, singer, and actor. He is 31 years old and stands 1.93m tall. He has a massive collection of cars and smokes marijuana every day. His personal life is very private. He does not have a wife or any children yet. Read on more to know about Wiz Khalifa. 


Wiz Khalifa was born in Minot, North Dakota, in 1987. His parents separated when he was a young child, and the family moved around a lot. His family split up when he was three years old. His mother took him to Pittsburgh, where he developed a love for singing and rapping. He later changed his name to Khalifa, which means “successor” in Arabic.

Early life 

He spent time in Germany, the U.K., and Japan, but eventually settled in Pittsburgh with his mother. When he was sixteen, he signed with Rostrum Records. His first hit rap single, “How Fly,” was released in 2006.

Wiz Khalifa began writing songs as a child. He first had several hit singles, including “See You Again,” which featured Charlie Puth. He was also featured on “Roll Up” with Snoop Dogg.

His second mixtape, Prince of the City 2, was released the following year. It featured guest appearances by Snoop Dogg, Logic, and X Ambassadors. He has starred in several television shows and films, including the popular animated series “Mac and Devin Go to High School.”

His music has received numerous accolades from music critics and the general public.


His music has garnered huge popularity across the world.

Wiz bought the car at the start of his career when he was still a new star. The singer has been in the music industry for 11 years. He has headlined festivals, covered magazines, and been featured in FORBES Cash King. Wiz’s management deal with Warner Bros. dissolved soon after, and he did not sign another major label deal until last year.

It’s hard to find any hidden sources of income when your career is in such a competitive industry. Wiz’s relationship with Warner Brothers was so strained that he failed to sign with another major label until last year when he signed with Atlantic Records.

Wiz Khalifa is having a great time in Indio, California this spring as he performs at Coachella. 

Net worth 

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has no secret sources of income and has made it a point to disclose them all.

Wiz Khalifa net worth is estimated at $70 million

Wiz Khalifa’s collection of cars is impressive. The rapper has a wide variety of classic muscle cars. His 1969 Chevrolet Impala has a diamond-cut exterior and a silver body. He also has a 1970 Cadillac XLR convertible.

Wiz Khalifa’s collection of cars is a reflection of his taste in style. He enjoys driving fast and unique cars. He also has several cars that are unique and designed to make heads turn. His black Cadillac Escalade is worth $91,875, and he has been seen driving around Los Angeles with his family.

The rapper also owns a blue Chevrolet Corvette C4 convertible. It’s rumoured that Wiz paid less than half a million dollars for it. The car has leather seats and controls for smooth handling. It’s estimated to be worth $104,000. The rapper’s collection of cars is not complete without a luxury car.

Wiz’s Dodge Challenger SRT8 is one of his favourite cars. It has a V12 engine and makes 563 horsepower. It also has an eight-speed automatic transmission. 

His Challenger SRT8 costs $41,000.

The international pop star has a large collection of cars and motorcycles. He owns at least 10 cars and two motorbikes. Some of the most exotic cars he drives include a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and an Audi R8 in leopard print

Wiz Khalifa’s Pennsylvania home cost $900,000. It’s 3891 square feet and is located near Wiz Khalifa’s high school. The five-bedroom home includes a separate guest house. The property features high ceilings and exotic Brazilian KOA flooring, along with a huge garage.

Rostrum Records recently filed a countersuit against Wiz Khalifa. The label contends that Wiz owes them 15% of his royalties from tour dates and 20% of his merchandising sales.

He has a Coachella mansion

The mansion is not the only property owned by the hip-hop star.

Other celebrities with mansions in the Coachella Valley include Lady Gaga, who stayed at a luxurious Mediterranean-style mansion that can be rented for $10,000 a night. She also previously stayed at a $20 million Airbnb property in Houston.

Social media 

He has a huge YouTube following, various endorsement deals with prestigious companies, and his line of merchandise available on various e-commerce websites

His Instagram post also has a clip of the 4 The Low music video


According to Wiz Khalifa, he smokes an ounce of marijuana each day. He also shares his use of marijuana with fellow rapper Snoop Dogg. The rap star has also been photographed smoking a blunt on the red carpet. He even went on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast to discuss his habit. While there, he brought a mason jar full of weed.

Wiz Khalifa has a history of smoking marijuana and is known for rapping about it. He has been reported to smoke the “Khalifa Kush” strain, a hybrid with a high THC level of 26-29%. This strain is so potent that it can cost up to $100 per ounce.

It is also known that Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa both smoke marijuana daily. The rap star even hired his blunt roller. 


Wiz Khalifa is a married man who has a son. He married to model Amber Rose in 2013 and the two have a son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.

Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa’s wife, recently attended Coachella 2018. She posed for a photo with her crew. She was sporting baggy orange pants, a long-sleeve white shirt, and a black leather bra. Wiz Khalifa commented on the photo.


 He has received a Grammy nomination, a Golden Globe nomination, and a list of many other awards. Wiz Khalifa has also been nominated for several awards, including the Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards.

He rented out a mansion worth $10 million and let fans get a sneak peek at the lavish accommodations. The sprawling estate boasts a pool, tennis court, and spa. It also has multiple sitting areas and a fully-equipped kitchen.

The house consists of a centre-island kitchen, a home theatre, five bedrooms, and a master bedroom with a jewellery island. It has been on the market since July 2018 and has many pictures showing off its beautiful interiors. It features a modern home design with clear lines indicating the different rooms and plenty of lighting facilities to showcase the beauty of the house.

Most artists in the same position do not reveal all their income sources, but Wiz Khalifa isn’t hiding anything.

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In conclusion, Wiz Khalifa is a successful rapper and entrepreneur. He has built an impressive career in the music industry and has also ventured into other businesses. Wiz Khalifa is an inspiration to many and is proof that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams.

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Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

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