Wizard101 Ship of Fools Recipe


The Wizard101 Ship of Fools recipe is a drain health spell that has several uses. It can also be used as a regular attack. Its effect is not as strong as Meteor Strike, but it is still a great spell to have in your arsenal. However, it is best to be very careful with this recipe, as there are a lot of flaws. Listed below are the steps to make this awesome recipe.

What to do step by step?

– First, you need to have some equipment. It must be in good condition to make this potion. You need at least one level 69. You need 2×69 plots and two Kroger may cast jewels. You need to have a max-level account to be able to craft this recipe. Afterwards, you should use the Spellwrighting skill to upgrade spells and gain experience points.

– The second step is to craft your robe. During this process, you need to get a cloak, an owl, and some enchanted items. This will allow you to wear more than one robe at once. You can even use a ring for a more powerful spell. The wards that are created with this spell will also help you get the robes you need.

– Finally, make sure you have a good amount of XP. In Wizard101, this spell grants an additional 10% to your hp, and you’ll have more HP if you have more wards. This spell is a great way to get the wrath of the dragon. Just be careful that you don’t use it in PvP, as the extra health will not be worth the cost.

– The recipe you make will depend on the spells you want to learn. You can learn spells by using them. This is the easiest way to learn new spells. A high-level wizard will have a high chance of having more spells, so you can make a new one every other day. This recipe will give you a lot of exp in the next few days. The enchanted wand will last you for a long time.

– It’s a spell that grants a lot of health. If you want to get a lot of health, you need to use a lot of wards. If you want to make the spell last longer, you can use it every time you have a battle. Besides, it’s easy to get the wrath of the demon. It’s a powerful tool that gives you a huge amount of health, but it can also help you defeat monsters in the game.

What ingredients are required?

You need to gather the necessary ingredients to make this recipe. You’ll need at least ten reagents, two Kroger mays, and a few gold pieces. You can also make your reagents. A few of the reagents you can get include a wand for your witch, potions and a wand for a wizard.

Another important factor when crafting this spell is that you can buy a wand in the game. This is very helpful for creating a wand for a witch in a PvP battle. A wand can make a spell last longer. It should also have a long duration. A ward can be a lot of fun for your party, but it should be avoided for the most part.


You need to have a spellbook with the right ingredients. Luckily, this spell is not difficult to make. It is an important spell to use in PvP because it can be used for both damage and defence. When you cast this spell, you can use the wand to damage your opponent. You can also cast it on enemies. In addition to this, you can create a special item for your wizard to cast the spell.

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Wizard101 Ship of Fools Recipe
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