Wolfgang Niedecken net worth

Wolfgang Niedecken is a German singer and musician. He founded the Cologne-speaking rock group BAP at the end of the 1970s and soon became known throughout Germany with BAP. How rich is Wolfgang Niedecken?

Musician. Born on March 30, 1951 in Cologne, Germany. Wolfgang Niedecken net worth is estimated at around 5 million euros. He is the lead singer and the only remaining founding member of BAP. Niedecken played a live concert with the band Bläck Fööss in the Millowitsch Theater in Cologne. Niedecken and Leopardefell were also the backing musicians on Bruce Springsteen’s hit “Hungry Heart” when it was re-released in 1995.

Bourgeois name: Wolfgang Niedecken
Spouse: Tina Golemiewski (married 1994), Carmen Niedecken (married 1983–1992)
Children: Isis-Maria Niedecken, Severin Niedecken, Joana-Josephine Niedecken, Robin Niedecken
Wolfgang Niedecken size: 1.83 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1976

What is the net worth of Wolfgang Niedecken?
Wolfgang Niedecken’s assets are currently € 5 million.

Music genres: Skirt.
Debut studio album: Beat Times (1987).
Is also often searched for: Klaus Heuser, Tommy Engel, Trude Herr, Clueso.

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Wolfgang Niedecken net worth

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