Women’s Post Move Mid From Adidas

womens post move mid from adidas 30048

The women’s Post Move Mid basketball sneakers from Adidas are a fresh take on a classic basketball silhouette. With a heritage all their own, they pair well with shorts in summer and pants in the winter. This shoe is perfect for athletes and everyday wearers who want a versatile, comfortable shoe that can be worn all year round. And you won’t regret buying a pair for yourself. The adidas Post Move Mid is a must-have in every wardrobe.

adidas’ Los Angeles relocation reflects a cultural shift. The Etop line is home to the majority of the ball players in Los Angeles, while James Harden and Russell Westbrook are adidas-sponsored. Adidas will benefit from the new partnership. Conversely, Nike signed UCLA to a long-term contract, which indicates that the brand is seeking to play a greater role in the city. Both brands are working together to strengthen their relationships with college athletes in Los Angeles.

Women’s Post Move Mid From Adidas
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