Work For LW Bills and Be a Firefighter

work for lw bills and be a firefighter 28903

The L. W. Bills Co. has been a leader in the municipal fire alerting industry since 1925. The company’s alarm system can retransmit all types of alarm signals. These devices are used in police, fire, and rescue centers. The alarm systems of the company are available for residential and commercial use. They are used in municipal buildings and fire departments to protect residents and employees. They also provide a wide range of alarm monitoring equipment for public safety and security purposes.

If you are a firefighter, consider a job with L.W. Bills. The company provides training for both fire and police personnel. All employees have the right to a free training session. Don’t hesitate asking! You’ll be glad you did! You’ll also benefit from the company’s 100% health insurance policy for singles and families. The company is an equal opportunity employer. If you are a firefighter, the company provides a free training session.

Work For LW Bills and Be a Firefighter
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