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Xatar is a German rapper of Kurdish descent. He has been with the Universal Music Group since 2018. He is also the founder and owner of the labels Alles oder Nix Records and Groove Attack TraX. He was also the managing director of the now closed company Kopfticker Records. How rich is Xatar?

Rapper, entrepreneur. Born on December 24, 1981 in Sanandaj, Iran. Xatar fortune is estimated at around 5 million euros. In addition to his musical activities, he expanded his entrepreneurial work with the shisha bar Bar Noon, the tobacco brand Orijinal and jewelry and clothing design for Massari. He wrote his autobiography Alles oder Nix: We say the world is yours in 2015.

Bourgeois name: Giwar Hajabi
Xatar size: 1.85 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 2007
Cooperation with: Samy, Schwesta Ewa, Azet, Eno, arrest warrant, Mero.

What is the net worth of Xatar?
Xatar’s net worth is currently € 5 million.

Record labels: All or Nix Records, Groove Attack TraX.
Music genres: German hip-hop.
Debut studio album: All or nothing (2008).

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Xatar fortune

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