Zesty Paws Chew No Poo Bites Review

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Zesty Paws Chew no Poo Bites are chewables with multiple functions. They are a digestive aid, a breath freshener, and deterrent for poop eaters. Capsimax is a controlled-release advanced form of Capsicum Extract that gives stool a bad flavor. While chewing these chewables, your dog will avoid pooping, while the breath freshener function will keep them from smelling like a poop-eating cat!

Zesty Paws No Poo Bites contain a controlled-release version of Capsicum Extract. These pills will give your dog a bad taste in his stool which will discourage him from eating his poop. They are also designed to improve dental hygiene, giving your dog a more pleasant experience while chewing. Zesty Paws’ Chew No Poo Bits are not meant to replace professional dental care.

Chew no poo bites, despite their name, are for dogs that aren’t prone to poop eating. The chews can be added to your dog’s morning or evening meal, but you should not treat them like treats. You should give your dog one chew no poo bites every day if they are at least 16 lbs. You should keep an eye on their behavior in public areas such as the dog park or rest areas, since untreated dog poos are still delicious and hard to break at home.

Zesty Paws Chew No Poo Bites Review
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