10 Best Private English Teaching Apps in Saudi Arabia

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The requirement for English teachers in the market is extremely high! In this Covid-19 pandemic time, everything is worsening day by day and a demoralized atmosphere is blowing all around us. However, there is no better time than this situation to look for a job in a private English teaching app from your home. 

We know it also makes us feel an overwhelming transformation through multiple online ESL teaching chances. This is the reason to make things simple, we put together a roundup of several favorite online English teaching organizations that are employing rapidly. Before moving straightway to the list of organizations employing English teachers, let’s give a glance at two major things that you require to do before sending your application. 

2 Major Things That You Need to Do Before Applying for Online English Teaching Jobs: 

Only a few companies around us do not want a degree in the English language for a private English teaching app job. In maximum companies, interviewers will look for your proficient English language degree and skills. Hence you need to be fluent in English writing and speaking along with having a bachelor’s degree. 

The second one is you need to be clear at yourself about your requirements from an online English teaching job. It might be a flexible online class schedule or a good salary package. You need to be more selective while choosing the company in Saudia Arabia for this particular category job. 

Now lets’ go to the onboard discussion about the 10 best useful online English teaching apps in the following- 

1. Skooli:

Skooli is one of the most recognized online tutoring apps with a huge number of students from across the globe. They hire peoples who want to carry out their passion for the English language and search for a job either full-time or part-time work from the home teaching profession. 

It does not matter whether you are a retired or former English teacher or even any working teacher, you can contact Skooli for enhancing your earning. If you are looking for a private English teaching app where you can run your job with flexible hours then Skooli might be a good choice for you. 

2. HeyCleo:

HeyCleo is another big name in the online English teaching apps industry. Although it is operated by virtual tutors which run on AI-based technology, yet teachers can apply for this profession. This platform is solely built for English teaching and learning. Teachers on this platform virtually appear as animated characters that are developed and run by AI technology. In this private English teaching app, virtual tutors will talk to you and listen to your problem to figure out every issue. According to the students’ requirements and English language understanding, tutors will give you feedback. 

Teachers will get immense opportunities to schedule their flexible class hours and most importantly they even don’t need to keep on video calling classes. On HeyCleo, learners will get proper guidance of English learning lessons through both written and voice instructions in users’ language. 


If you are interested in the English teaching profession then VIPKID welcomes you warmly. Here online teachers will have an irregular schedule including part-time or full-time working periods and avail the most flexibility to select their work hours. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to change your availability week to week. VIPKID is an amazing option for flexible class hours and prepares your wishful schedule. Here most of the teachers earn a salary between $14-22 USD/hour and on-base salary they earn $7-9/25 minute lesson.  

4. Duolingo:

Today’s world’s most familiar English learning app is Duolingo and a highly suggesting app for teachers to showcase their talent over the English language. With more than 300 million registered learners, learning over this free application is fun and interactive.

The lessons of Duolingo are developed of a wide range of activities and it module lessons according to the users learning interests. This app’s gamified learning system helps users how to learn English fast in just daily twenty minutes spending. This app supports you in getting master over new phrases, words, and grammar with fun like lessons. It helps you to learn spelling correction, grammar, new idioms, and conversational English. 

5. Cambly:

Cambly offers learners immediate access to learn and talk with native English speakers over the live group and one on one video class. This is one of the best places for teachers among all private English lesson apps where they can teach students according to their comfortable timely hours. Cambly mainly hires those teachers who are willing to help students anytime with all their resources and teaching skills. You could also apply for Cambly’s English tutor job if you have adequate knowledge or a minimum degree. You can showcase your writing and speaking skills over this platform to educate students in an improved manner. 

6. DaDa:

DaDa is employing a fluent English speaker and if you have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the English language subject then you must try this platform. It offers you a set schedule and helps you to carry on a consistent weekly work schedule. DaDa is one of the highest paying online private English lesson apps. So if you have a silent desire to earn maxim money with your scheduled routine then go for DaDa.

7. QKids:

QKids hiring people who have already completed their bachelor’s degree and possess a teaching license or if they are an established ESL certified then they can apply for it. Here teachers need to provide lessons to students on different subjects including English grammar, phrases, idioms, etc. The basic payment of this platform is $16/hour along with an attendance bonus of $1. 

8. iTutorGroup:

Are you look to teach the English language at a higher level or want to be a teacher of adults, then iTutorGroup is the right place for you to show your talent. Remember that applicants have to be TESOL certified or any equivalent degrees certified teachers. Here in these private English lesson apps, you can earn $18- USD 24/hour.

9. Gogokid:

Gogokid is another most famous English teaching and learning app where teachers used to provide lessons on creative writing and speaking fluency. In this company, teachers need to be English honors bachelor and must have minimum work experience. You can earn USD 14 to USD 25/hour here and choose your classes alternatively; either Monday-Friday (6 a.m – 10 a.m) or Saturday-Sunday (9 pm-10 a.m).

10. Whales English:

With an hourly payment of $26/hour, Whales English is one of the most payment offering apps for teachers to teach their students. Students get immensely skillful classes from such selective tutors who provide lessons in vocabulary development, correct pronunciation, and use appropriate punctuation. Students can learn English online over this app according to teachers’ scheduled routine classes on either Monday-Friday (6 a.m – 9 a.m) or Saturday-Sunday (9 p.m – 9 a.m).

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10 Best Private English Teaching Apps in Saudi Arabia

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