Companies That Had Their IPO in 2014

The 10 Largest IPOs of 2014 This year’s most extensive public offerings incorporate lots of companies, in addition to Alibaba, the largest IPO ever. It ends up 2014 was a banner year for initial public offerings. Although companies that went public, especially those from the technology industry, faced a substantial cooling starting at the spring, […]

3 Benefits of Planning and Public Works Software

Software solutions can help almost every business or government team get their work done. Here are three benefits of using software for planning and public works. 1. Training With software solutions, training can become more standardized. Once you know what kind of software you need, you can create a new training program for employees or […]

Top 2 Technological Aids for Your Business

As you look for ways to improve your business, you hear about a lot of technological developments, but you’re never sure if they’re worth the cost. Here’s what you need to know about two of the most promising solutions for businesses. 1. Softphones Any phone that is based on the Internet rather than a landline […]

How to Avoid Underestimating Your Proposed Budget

When you’re creating a business plan, the most complicated step is drafting your budget. You want a budget that’s realistic so your investors know you’re serious about your company, but you also don’t want to ask for too much. As you evaluate your budget draft, make sure you’ve accurately estimated the cost of these items. […]

Tip to Help Your Small Business Get Up and Running

Starting a small business can feel intimidating and overwhelming. If you have a great idea to open a store and are ready to act on it, you need to make sure that you have a few key elements lined up before you dive head-first into any new company. Learn more about how to get the […]

6 Best Credit Card Payment Apps 2021

Credit cards are handy devices. With their advent, the customers have become more convenient and at ease when it comes to making financial transactions. But did you know that you can unlock various rewards or redeem the ones you have on credit cards? If not, don’t worry, for we are going to introduce you to […]

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates Comparison 2020 in India

Fixed deposit is an investment option that can be accessed via any bank. You can even invest in FDs offered by finance firms and post offices easily these days. A bulk amount can be deposited in an FD for a fixed tenor. However, the most important factor is the rate at which your deposits earn […]

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